Genius Sports lança FanHUb ID

Genius Sports, a global leader in sports data and technology, has launched an innovative new identification solution, FanHub ID.

The privacy-compliant solution uses proprietary online and offline data signals to create fan-based profiles.

This gives marketers and content owners new opportunities to reach and measure engaged sports audiences at scale.

Additionally, it brings an innovative approach to activating sports-based identity signals powered by AI-based technology.

Genius Sports puts the power back in the hands of the marketer and content owner by leveraging the group’s fan-based identity graph.

All this, to reach, engage, measure and capture audiences across all channels in an always-on ecosystem.

Genius Sports Fan Hub ID Solution Details

Therefore, the new FanHub ID revolutionizes sports advertising and marketing by offering a single, unified profile for millions of sports fans.

Still, it allows customers to find their audience in contextually relevant content across programmatic and digital channels.

The privacy-compliant solution creates unique, never-before-seen sports-based fan profiles with proprietary data signals such as sports app logins, live streaming data, fan engagement, and interactions between leagues and teams.

Empowers marketers and content owners to better understand their existing audiences and create fan-based segments, as well as deliver unified personalization, measurement, and 360° customer journey insights.

“Sports fans make up the most passionate audience in the world, but marketers and content owners still struggle to identify, measure and engage their fan personas,” said Manny Puentes, general manager of advertising at Genius Sports.

FanHub ID gives them the ability to activate fan data to enable long-term loyalty.”


The new technology will be implemented and made available to all existing Genius Sports customers. Key benefits of FanHub ID include:

  • Sports content owners can better understand and engage their fans to generate more sponsorship dollars.
  • Fanbases can finally be found across multiple marketing channels and reached with personalized, privacy-compliant messaging.
  • A single, unified profile for millions of sports fans allows brands to run relevant advertising campaigns for specific sports audiences based on their individual interactions and preferences.

“FanHub ID drives immediate impact for Genius Sports’ current customers by helping them better understand their audience and extend their sponsorship dollars beyond their owned and operated content,” said Josh Linforth, chief revenue officer at Genius Sports.

“Sports content owners will finally have the insights they need to drive deeper engagement and find tomorrow’s most valuable fans,” he concluded.