Três anos após seu lançamento, Pragmatic Play Latam se consagra como a força inovadora da região (1)
Três anos após seu lançamento, Pragmatic Play Latam se consagra como a força inovadora da região.

Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider for the iGaming industry and established as a favorite of the most diverse user profiles in the northern and southern hemispheres, celebrates another anniversary of what was one of its most challenging projects: its Latam Hub.

A region with a lot of potential for Pragmatic Play and a committed executive

Much could be said about the year 2020, which saw this project materialize in front of an audience thirsty for entertainment.

But it is true that there were three determining factors for its beginning: a territory with optimistic projections, a company determined to make room in the midst of heterogeneity, and an executive willing to give everything to see his continent develop an entertainment culture at the highest standards. worldwide.

Latin America, Pragmatic Play and Victor Arias. A place, a brand and a recognized specialist were the elements of this first chapter, which very quickly became a success story, and three years later, its pages seem to be just beginning to be written.

From one to 50: A team that multiplies with the speed of its supply

You only have to stop to observe your provider’s offer and its progressive increase to understand that, when it comes to Pragmatic Play, there are no limits.

The outstanding brand worldwide, which has the highest volume of content creation, has managed to transfer this multiplication to its operational team in Latin America.

Three years after its launch, Pragmatic Play Latam has established itself as the innovative force in the region

This plan, which emerged in the hands of a single person in charge, is now a reality, growing every day and gaining the position of provider with the most extensive localized team on the continent.

50 professionals, ten countries linked by a common goal and an important structural organization make Pragmatic Play Latam a range of cultures, knowledge, experiences and opportunities.

Innovation as the banner of Pragmatic Play

Something that does not raise doubts is the receptiveness of Pragmatic Play‘s multi-product offer.

In Europe, Asia, Africa and of course Latin America, its wide range of entertainment seduces young and old alike, captivating them with its unique sense of innovation and transformation.

Inspired by all-time classics, returning to a vintage idea, transforming a simple mechanic into a promise of big gains, mixing traditional elements with disruptive ones or creating a completely new concept, Pragmatic Play managed to bring its innovative proposals to Latin America , finding its place with an audience that is fascinated by each addition.

But innovation is not exclusive to its titles.

This year, Latam Hub has attracted attention with its dynamic communication concept, with which it seeks to publicize the course of a set of missions to be accomplished and reflect its identity, involving iconic characters in its missions, making game elements become part of the questline. In this way, it takes classic event participation and turns it into an engaging itinerary that has both Pragmatic Play members and people outside the company enthusiastically embracing the idea.

Being able to join the missions commanded by Spaceman, protagonist of the brand’s first crash game, which won the hearts of Latin Americans.

The mainland favorite

Among the achievements that Pragmatic Play celebrates today in Latin America is the realization of an ambition as a provider:

Make your brand, your products, your services and your human proximity the region’s favourites.

Large, medium or small operations; classic or modern websites; users from the countryside or from cosmopolitan cities.

All united under the same motto, which is not premeditated, but could well be: having fun beyond all circumstances.

Making responsible gaming a commitment at all times, it achieved an increase in followers and operators, who not only choose it for the quality of its games, but also for the clear purpose of bringing entertainment in a different way, targeting its staff as an irreplaceable connection with the operators.

Certainly, a factor that makes Pragmatic Play a prominent brand in this region that values ​​human connections so much. one factor that makes Pragmatic Play a standout brand in the region is how much it appreciates human connections.

Three years after its launch, Pragmatic Play Latam has established itself as the innovative force in the region
Spaceman is one of Pragmatic Play’s most famous titles.

Educating the market: the basis of its corporate philosophy

That Latin America is a growing territory and that it is going through a process of maturation and professionalization is nothing new.

However, what draws attention is the way in which Pragmatic Play has been able to capitalize on it, taking advantage of each meeting, each lecture, each public appearance, to contribute to regional growth.

Seek to generate environments for personal and professional development, sharing your updated vision.

Proof of this are the numerous participations in panels and conferences, the openness to recounting its experience in various interviews and publications, as well as the willingness to make its knowledge available on essential topics for the evolution of a market that still has a long way to go.

A 2022 marked by fire and a 2023 that seeks to overcome it

Of these three years of Pragmatic Play Latam, what was marked by fire was 2022.

Period in which the provider stood out a lot with participation in events and congresses, multiple awards, the achievement of its objective in localization and expansion, the goal surpassed in exposure and market recognition and titles that started to occupy the ranking of the most played.

But apparently 2023 is not far behind.

Another stage appears, in which a new chapter of changes, progress and evolution is written every day.

The history of Pragmatic Play Latam officially began to be written in June 2020, and since then it has been demonstrating that its project is a true success, that the industry in general has been favored and that dozens of professionals have made the brand their banner.