TRUE Ecosystem introduces NFT to Victoria Wild West gaming across 25+ casino operators

TRUE Ecosystem, in partnership with innovative casino gaming provider TrueLab Game Studios, introduced NFT gamification mechanics into their Victoria Wild West game through the TRUE solution for the online gaming industry. The launch showed a player retention increase of over 70%.

A Victoria Wild West themed slot machine game is the first production release to market with seamless integration of NFT gamification mechanics. This experience should attract a new audience at the nexus of rapidly evolving spheres such as iGaming and NFT, which becomes a win-win situation.

The team expects that its first integration will bring thousands of new NFT holders to the industry, promoting mass adoption of NFT on the one hand and, on the other hand, increase the level of engagement and retention, as well as reduce user acquisition costs in online games.

The title is now available to casino operators based on the platforms of leading B2B providers including SOFTSWISS and the list is constantly expanding.

What is the Victoria Wild West NFT Collection?

The NFT collection is built directly into the game, with NFT tokens randomly dropped during gameplay. Contains 15,000 NFTs of different rarity to help the main character fulfill his mission. Each of the items has a high utility rate and complements the game’s storyline.

Upon receiving the token, the player can immediately activate it in the pop-up window through the TRUE iFrame solution, without disturbing the gameplay and leaving the platform for an external wallet.

Players grab NFTs during gameplay, place them in albums and create higher level NFTs to receive various benefits, up to a share of the treasure – a percentage of all bets placed on Victoria Wild West paid out monthly.

Crafting is one of the noticeable immersive tools implemented in the game. The collection features NFTs of various rarities, which can be used to create higher value tokens. There are 5 levels of crafting, each level unlocking greater rewards.

As part of the collection, 1,000 mystery boxes were launched on the market from the provider developed by TRUE in the turnkey solution for the iGaming business. Mystery Boxes can be unpacked and crafted, exchanged for benefits, or even resold on the foreign market unopened.

Growth potential

The collection is already proving its success. The first results are really promising: the NFT activation conversion rate exceeds 50% among players right now, which goes far beyond the provider’s expectations.

NFT gamification is running full steam ahead and shows no signs of slowing down. According to data collected since the product’s launch in March, the number of players has increased by 72.9%, with a 44% increase in the average session count per player.

“By integrating NFT gamification mechanics into slot games, an iGaming provider can motivate players to come back and play more, expect increased engagement and retention, as well as increased volumes on legacy game titles without the cost of new production game”, explains Dan Andrian, CEO of TRUE

Teams are also hoping that the new NFT mechanics will positively influence metrics such as bet size, bet count per session and bet count per player, as early results speak for themselves.

About TRUE Ecosystem

TRUE Ecosystem is an infrastructure offering NFT engagement solutions helping Web2 companies improve their customer retention with the NFT utility through a codeless approach. The platform provides a complete set of tools necessary for successful integration of NFT gamification mechanics.

Ready-to-use Web3 solutions such as white-label NFT Marketplace, TRUE Wallet, API and SDK developed by the team allow you to expand the capabilities of the NFT utility and apply any type of gamification to engage and retain the audience.

The teams are sure that the utility token, being the main growth driver of the NFT market, can bring extra benefits to all participants in the iGaming business: gamers, casinos, developers and online streamers, breaking the traditional barriers of Web2, promoting actively engaging deeper and creating new revenue streams.