Bayanihan para sa kababayan

New year, more efforts from the FBM Foundation. Its new program “Bayanihan para sa kababayan” – which means “Heroes for the people” – began on January 21 in Manila, with the help of its volunteers in distributing basic necessities to residents affected by the fire that broke out during the New Year.

The FBM Foundation started 2023 off on the right foot with the “Bayanihan para sa kababayan” program, a new project aimed at helping underprivileged Filipino communities. Its first solidarity initiative took place last week in Quiapo, Manila, but its major commitments do not stop there.

Bayanihan for sa kababayan: six high-impact initiatives

The six-month program, which will take place in January, March, May, July, October and December 2023 in the Philippines, is an ambitious new project by the FBM Foundation and includes six initiatives designed to make a positive impact on Filipino populations.

This project uniquely reflects the Filipino concept of unity, civic harmony and cooperation at its best, as one of the most important characteristics of Filipino culture is the compassionate act of helping others.

“Help can be offered in different ways, and the FBM Foundation believes that the essence of helping is not just providing material things, but also making other people happy. Giving them motivation and inspiration can help them enormously”, explains Vítor Francisco , Director of the FBM Foundation. On December 29, more than 500 families in Quiapo, Manila welcomed the New Year under the worst of circumstances, losing their homes in a fire that broke out in the area.

The fire left nothing but destruction for Filipinos

Not a single person in the Quiapo region expected such a calamity to occur at such a joyful time as the New Year. But for hundreds of Manila residents, the nightmare has struck, leaving those in vulnerable situations to deal with the hardship and distress caused by the disaster.

What should have been a turning point for these communities as a new year approached turned out to be the opposite. Not only were most of the burned structures made of light and easily flammable materials, but the fire also affected the town hall and the nursery.

Affected residents had to remain in the area where the fire started because they could not immediately move or rent accommodation. In fact, for the past 3 weeks they have been living in the tents they built for shelter, so providing help is essential.

FBM Foundation: from words to deeds in record time

Finding a quick and practical way to help these populations was the first step of our intervention. Help and resources were provided to over 500 Brgy families. 387 Arlegui St. Quiapo, Manila.

To fulfill this mission, 14 volunteers helped to distribute essential goods among residents, such as; rice, canned food, milk, pasta and hygiene kits with shampoo, toothpaste, wet wipes, diapers and soap. All activities were carried out in strict compliance with the health and safety protocols established by the government against COVID-19.

The Bayanihan para sa kababayan program consists of six activities scheduled for this year. Initiatives such as those promoted in this project are voluntarily structured to help struggling Filipinos meet their basic needs and lift their spirits by providing assistance and care without expecting anything in return.

About the FBM Foundation

The FBM Foundation was born to carry out specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM® brand to help Philippine communities affected by natural disasters. The foundation also carries out concrete actions to promote education and promote socioeconomic changes that produce positive effects in the future. You can join our volunteer program by contacting the FBM Foundation through this email address: [email protected].