Betway announced in a statement that it is suspending membership in Spain for a period of 10 days, following violations of Spanish Royal Decree 958/2020.

During this period, the company will verify all sources and no traffic from Spain will be monetized, although agreements from other countries remain active. The company also stated that it takes Spanish regulation very seriously and seeks to apply it in full.

If after this period no new material breach of the Royal Decree is found, Betway will restore all agreements in the country. In addition, if the affiliate’s account does not have any compliance concerns, he will be rewarded with commission.

Check out the company’s press release below:

“Dear Affiliate,

We are writing to inform you that due to various violations of the Spanish Royal Decree 958/2020, we have decided to suspend affiliation in Spain for a period of 10 days, during which time we will review ALL sources. During this period, no traffic from Spain will be monetized, although agreements for other countries remain active.

We take Spanish regulation very seriously and we want it to be 100% enforced. Due to the violations we are seeing with partners, we have no choice but to stop all activity for the next 10 days and conduct a full audit. It is in everyone’s interest that we work together and fully comply with legal requirements in Spain.

After these 10 days, and if no new major breaches of the Royal Decree are found, we will restore all agreements. Also, if your account is found to have no compliance concerns, you will be rewarded with your commission.

We are very sorry for the disruption caused by this decision, but as you will understand, we must ensure the health of our brand.

Sincerely, Betway Partners”

About Betway

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