SCCG Management announces new partnership with Play Globally

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management announced a partnership with Play Globally, a company based in Vista California, USA, that creates games and products that defy convention, to connect, motivate and inspire fans and athletes of all ages, through a common love of sports, racing and rodeo.

Stephen Dunham, the president and CEO of Play Globally, reported that the group has made several key advances in the free-to-play gaming space in recent months, most notably focusing on the launch of its LuckyFans prototype, which uses live sports data to determine the result of a poker game.

The LuckyFans prototype is working well on Android and iOS smartphones, and recently added the LuckyFans Private League function to the game, allowing individuals, businesses, casinos and Play Globally partners to create their own personalized, private competitions.

About Play Globally

Play Globally’s team of pioneering innovators, programmers, artists and field experts are dedicated to the art of having fun. The company creates games and products that push the boundaries of convention to help customers and partners make the most of their lives.

The mission is to connect, motivate and inspire fans and athletes of all ages through a common love for sports, racing and rodeos, to build a stronger sense of community in the world.

About SCCG Management

SCCG Management is a consultancy specializing in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product marketing, esports, capital formation, M&A, joint ventures, casino management, and government and legal affairs. for the iGaming Industry.

In addition, the group is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year 2022, being a reference of leadership and innovation for the global gaming market.