Foto: Marcello Casal Jr - Agência Brasil

A resident of Santa Catarina, residing in Florianópolis, was just one number away from winning the millionaire prize of R$ 156 million in the +Milionária lottery draw, a modality that has never had a winner until now.

The lucky person matched five drawn numbers, in addition to two shamrocks, in competition number 131, thus guaranteeing a prize of R$ 233.2 thousand.

See the numbers drawn in competition 131: 29 – 21 – 37 – 22 – 24 – 36, shamrocks: 2 – 6.

Next Saturday (23), the 132nd contest of +Milionária will take place, maintaining the mystery of there never having been a winner in the main category.

Therefore, to win the maximum prize, it is necessary to match six numbers out of the 50 available, in addition to correctly choosing two shamrocks out of six options.

The previous week, a bettor from Tubarão, in the south of Santa Catarina, was also very close to taking home the prize, winning the amount of R$156,500.

Draws for this modality take place regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How does the +Millionária lottery work?

This lottery differs a little from the others, as the participant must choose six numbers from a total of 50 available, in addition to selecting two shamrocks, numbered 1 to 6.

To be awarded in the main track, it is necessary to match the six tens and the numbers of the two clovers. At the time of this publication, this combination has never been achieved.

Even the second award bracket seems to be quite challenging to achieve. In the draws carried out, on only three occasions there were winners with six correct numbers and one shamrock.

The award for matching five tens and two clovers has already happened a few times. However, the values ​​vary considerably, depending on the number of numbers and shamrocks marked.

As in other Caixa Lotteries competitions, the player can choose to mark more numbers, making the game more expensive, but with the possibility of bigger prizes.

Furthermore, the price tables and winning probabilities are available for consultation on the official +Milionária website.

The prize ranges in the +Millionária lottery are as follows:

  • 6 hits + 2 clovers
  • 6 hits + 1 or no clover
  • 5 hits + 2 clovers
  • 5 hits + 1 or no clover
  • 4 hits + 2 clovers
  • 4 hits + 1 or no clover
  • 3 hits + 2 clovers
  • 3 hits + 1 clover
  • 2 hits + 2 clovers
  • 2 hits + 1 clover