Dupla de Páscoa, da CAIXA, tem prêmio estimado em R$ 30 milhões
Foto: Agência Brasil/Reprodução

The Easter Duo, one of the CAIXA Lotteries‘ special competitions, is back in 2024 with a prize estimated at R$30 million. Bets can now be placed and the draw will take place on March 30th.

The contest is famous for not accumulating the main prize. If no one matches the six numbers drawn, CAIXA will divide the prize between the correct numbers on the corner and so on. In other words, it does not accumulate.

Bets on the Easter Duo can be placed via the CAIXA app

With a prize like this, whoever bets and wins R$30 million could have an income of almost R$188 thousand in the first month alone, if they invest in CAIXA Savings.

This amount would also be enough to buy five penthouses in luxurious buildings, each for R$6 million.

This will be the eighth edition of the Dupla Sena special contest. The record prize was in 2023, when two bets divided R$34.9 million.

To participate, the bettor needs to choose six to 15 numbers from the 50 available. You can also opt for Surpresinha, where the system chooses the numbers for you. The value of the single bet is currently R$2.50.

In addition to lotteries, bets can be placed on the Loterias CAIXA portal or on the Loterias CAIXA App (Android and iOS). Registration is required and the minimum purchase value is R$30.

CAIXA pool

But for those who want to increase their chances of winning, syndicates are a great option. In lotteries, the player forms a group, chooses the numbers, sets the number of odds and registers the bet.

Each pool share cannot be less than R$2.50 and it is possible to place up to ten bets per pool. Thus, in the event of a prize, each participant will be able to claim their part of the prize individually.