CBSk distributes 310 skateboards among initiatives from the front Skate Social Loterias CAIXA
Bless Day Project - Ponta Grossa (PR) - Photo: Publicity

The Brazilian Skate Confederation (CBSk) is promoting the delivery of 310 skateboards to social projects mapped by the Skate Social Loterias CAIXA front. Thirty-one initiatives that use skateboarding as a tool for transformation and social inclusion are being benefited, each one, with 10 pieces of equipment. In all, 350 skateboards were acquired by CBSk.

“The delivery of skateboards follows on from work that has already benefited these same 31 social projects with protective equipment. If we consider the agreement we established for financial support, a total of 41 initiatives are being directly assisted. Our intention is to further strengthen the Skate Social front within CBSk and achieve even more initiatives”, highlighted Eduardo Musa, president of CBSk.

In addition to the delivery of skateboards, these 31 projects – spread across the five regions of Brazil – had already received protection items for training. In February this year, 310 kits with helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards were passed on to these social actions, in addition to vests and ramp stickers.

Drop do Bem Project – Viamão (RS) – Photo: Publicity

With the intention of reaching the maximum number of places in the national territory, the selection criteria for the definition of the 31 movements – still in October of last year – took into account the evidence of lack of material and an active structure of classes.

“CBSk’s partnership with social projects has changed the perception that we don’t have support: all this contribution in knowledge, skateboards, equipment and finance is ‘accelerating’ the organization of dozens of projects throughout Brazil, without them it would be impossible to take the steps that Thank you, CBSk!”, stressed Marcelo Caldas, founder of the Skate & Life Project, with three centers in Bahia – Salvador (52 children), Maragojipe (12) and Barcelos do Sul (8).

Confederation signed an agreement to favor 30 projects

Recently, the Brazilian Skate Confederation took another important step by creating an agreement for 360 thousand reais that are being shared between 30 projects. In the case of the agreement, the prerogative for choosing projects is that the initiative has an active CNPJ and a CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities) aimed at social action.

In December 2021, CBSk promoted a meeting with the mapped projects with a focus on the transmission of knowledge for the legal structuring of the initiatives. In October 2020, in partnership with the NGO Social Skate, the Confederation had already published the booklet Descomplica, also with information on the structuring of the initiatives.

AVERA Project – São Vicente (SP) – Photo: Publicity

“The importance of CBSk’s partnership with the Ajudar para Transformar skate school project has helped a lot in protecting those served by sending safety equipment, guaranteeing the physical integrity and well-being of children, in terms of financial support, which makes that they have a snack every day of skateboarding lessons, these initiatives further strengthen the bonds between the sport and the citizenship of our future skaters”, stressed Francileno Taveira, director of the Jiquitaia Institute in Manaus (AM).

CAIXA lotteries sponsor the Skate Social front

Considering the amounts already invested and the budget forecast, CBSk should reach 1 million reais destined for the Skate Social Loterias CAIXA front in the first months of 2023.

In total, 41 of the 121 projects mapped are receiving direct support from the sports entity. Remembering that the CAIXA Lotteries and the Federal Government are the official sponsors of the Skate Social front of the Brazilian Skate Confederation (CBSk).