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The UK government has confirmed per-spin limits on slot games for online casinos, changes that were widely expected.

For those aged between 18 and 24 the limit will be £2 per spin, whilst for customers over this age it will be £5 per spin. The lower limit is the same as that introduced for physical betting machines in 2019.

UK takes action after public consultation

It is the first time there has been a limit on online slot spins in the UK. Thus, the measure will be implemented through secondary legislation, allowing for a very rapid introduction.

It will then come into effect in September and there will be two transition periods to give operators time to update their systems.

But there will be an initial six-week transition period, at the end of which operators must comply with the £5 limit.

A second six-week period will provide additional time, if necessary, to adapt systems to meet the lower limit for under-24s.

The government consulted for 10 weeks on proposed slot caps between £2 and £15, as outlined in the Gambling White Paper last April. Authorities reported that the majority of responses to the consultation were in favor.

Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew said: “Although millions of people gamble safely every day, the evidence shows there are problems with online casino gambling.”

“We also know that young adults may be more vulnerable when it comes to gambling-related harm. So we committed to addressing both of these issues in our white paper,” he added.

Responses to new limits for online slots in the UK

GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond welcomed the announcement. She said: “We welcome the government’s announcement to introduce lower online betting limits for under-25s. It is an important mechanism to protect young people.”

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) also broadly supported the measure, although it highlighted the cost it will have for online casino operators.

“We welcome the government’s decision on new betting limits for online casino games. They provide enhanced protection for young people.”

“As such, it is important to recognize that measures like this come at a cost to our members and impact their customers. Nothing in the white paper should be viewed in isolation, but rather as a total package,” said a Council representative.

The has announced that it will launch a pilot program toGambling Commission  propose enhanced financial risk checks for online gambling. This would be to test data sharing practices with credit reference agencies and operators.

Therefore, the pilot project will involve selected operators and will last four to six months.