Loterj participará da CIBELAE 2024?

LOTERJ, represented by president Hazenclever Lopes Cançado, is preparing for the CIBELAE 2024 Conference. The event will take place in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

And, it will mark the municipality’s first official participation as a regular member of the Board of the Corporación Iberoamericana de Loterías y Apuestas de Estado (CIBELAE).

Betting regulation will be the topic of CIBELAE 2024

One of the topics covered at the conference will be “Sports Betting in Latin America: approaches for a developing market”. Then, during the event, there will be a meeting of the Organization’s Board of Directors.

The president of LOTERJ emphasizes that “joining CIBELAE ratifies the agency’s actions in favor of regulating the market, promoting responsible gaming and combating fraud, gambling addiction and tax evasion”.

CIBELAE 2024 will take place on April 18th and 19th and will bring together experts, regulators and industry representatives to exchange knowledge and good practices. Thus, the objective is to encourage the construction of a solid, ethical and responsible scenario for sports betting in Latin America.

The event will feature collaboration:

  • of the Council of Europe (COE), dedicated to promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law
  • from United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS), which supports state lotteries in their mission to ensure integrity and combat crime in sports

Therefore, during the two days of the event, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Regulatory models
  • Technological trends
  • Economic and social impact of sports betting
  • Combating manipulation of sports competitions
  • Current scenario
  • Future of sports betting in Latin America

Sports betting impacts the Latin American economy

As you can see, sports betting has a significant impact on the Latin American economy. They contribute to economic growth, job creation and the development of new businesses

In Brazil, for example, the government estimates that it will raise R$2 billion in 2024 by taxing sports betting. The amounts collected are intended for investments in education and public security, funding for social security and the Ministry of Sports. In addition, clubs receive payments for the transfer of their brands to betting sites.