Exclusivo: André Alves conta os planos da Control F5 para 2024 com a chegada da regulamentação

ICE London 2024 said goodbye to England in an impressively positive way, according to André Alves, from Control F5. This is because the next edition of the gambling industry’s main fair will take place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, starting in 2025.

In an interview with the iGaming Brazil portal, he classified the event as ‘wonderful’ and praised the impact of the Brazilian Lounge.

“What happened at the Brazilian Lounge was impressive. The number of people, relationships and businesses closed”, he described.

Regarding the company’s plans for 2024, Alves highlighted that Control F5 is believing in a moment of expansion due to the long-awaited regulation of the Brazilian market.

“We will support operators who want to have professional structures in Brazil, we will meet the needs of operators in light of regulations”.

Still on the subject of the moment, he confessed to being optimistic, but noted that there are some points of attention, such as the player’s exemption range and the granting process.

“Something important to promote the regulated market. I think that having more accessible regulations for the operation makes competition healthier”, concluded André Alves.