Novidades no caso Corinthians e Vai de Bet
Imagem: Corinthians / Divulgação

The case involving Corinthians and VaideBet gained new contours. Recently, the São Paulo Civil Police identified companies suspected of being linked to Neoway.

This was the central company in the investigations into possible fraud in the transfers of the agreement between the bookmaker and Timão.

Three companies on the list of possible oranges

The companies in question are Carvalho Distribuidora, ACJ Platform Comércios e Serviços and Thabs Gestão e Serviços. All of them were mentioned as possible people involved in the case.

Furthermore, a woman residing in São Bernardo do Campo is also on the list of suspects. Delegate Tiago Fernando Correia, from the Money Laundering Crime Investigation Department, ordered the summons of all people with any connection to these companies to provide clarification.

Investigators classified these three companies as “cold companies”. They emerged in 2023, have a share capital of R$100 thousand or more and have a single partner each.

Interestingly, this scenario is similar to that of Neoway, which is being appointed as an intermediary in the case of VaideBet.

In the case of Neoway, the documents indicate that Edna Oliveira dos Santos is a partner in the company. However, someone used Edna Oliveira dos Santos, who lives in a humble neighborhood of Peruíbe, on the coast of São Paulo, as “orange”.

In January 2023, someone created Thabs in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo, with capital of R$140 thousand. His partner is a man who also lives in the capital of São Paulo.

However, this same individual is listed as a beneficiary of Emergency Aid between 2020 and 2021 in Peruíbe, the same city as Edna Oliveira dos Santos.

New characters in the Corinthians and VaideBet case

In other words, Carvalho Distribuidora has as a partner a man from Itajaí (SC) who received Emergency Aid between April and December 2020. Interestingly, the documents indicate that the company has a capital of R$100 thousand.

Furthermore, ACJ Platform Comércios e Serviços has as a partner a woman who regularly received R$750 per month from Bolsa Família between March 2023 and March 2024, although the company has a capital of R$150 thousand.

Therefore, the police are investigating the alleged diversion of part of the commission that Rede Social Media Design received for brokering the agreement. This case led VaideBet to terminate the contract with Corinthians, alleging damage to its image.

The agreement between Corinthians and VaideBet was expected to last until the end of 2026, with a total payment of R$370 million.

Last Friday (21), President Augusto Melo registered a police report and requested the opening of an investigation, alleging that members of his family were victims of photo montages.