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A coalition of organizations is opposing Caesars’ bid to win one of three casino licenses in the state. So, build a Las Vegas-style casino at 1515 Broadway in Times Square.

TDF (formerly Theater Development Fund), the National Organization for Women NYC (NOW NYC) and the Council of Chelsea Block Associations have joined the ‘No Casino in Times Square’ Coalition.

Concerns regarding Times Square casino

The group’s concerns range from devalued property values ​​to gambling addiction. Additionally, crime and the overall impact on local quality of life.

NOW NYC President Sonia Ossorio raised fears about human trafficking and exploitation due to its proximity to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

“We are concerned about the increase in exploitation and human trafficking,” said Ossorio.

Polling conducted by the coalition found that 71% of registered voters in the area oppose the casino plan.

The group highlights that a casino in Times Square could bring more social problems than economic benefits. Among the main concerns are:

  • Property Devaluation: The presence of a casino can reduce the value of surrounding properties.
  • Increase in crime: Casinos can be an attraction for criminal activities.
  • Impact on quality of life: Changes in local dynamics can negatively affect residents.
  • Gaming Addiction: Ease of access can increase cases of gambling addiction.

Public opinion on the casino plan

Resistance to the casino construction plan is also reflected in public opinion. Furthermore, the survey mentioned above shows that a significant majority of local residents are against the initiative.

Therefore, other community organizations are mobilizing to prevent the proposal from moving forward.

Therefore, the coalition continues to work to ensure that residents’ voices are heard and that the casino plan does not come to fruition, while maintaining the integrity and safety of the area.

About Times Square

New York’s Times Square is famous for its Broadway theaters, illuminated billboards, iconic events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, and its vibrant mix of shops and restaurants, attracting millions of tourists annually.