VaideBet pode fechar com o Cruzeiro
Imagem: Pedro Lourenço junto com Cássio (Cruzeiro / Divulgação)

Pedro Lourenço, the new owner of SAF do Cruzeiro, can use his good relationship with Gusttavo Lima, singer and VaideBet ambassador, to close a new master sponsorship agreement.

Cruise close to having a master sponsorship

Negotiations with Cruzeiro’s current sponsor, Betfair, have been at a standstill since Ronaldo Fenômeno’s administration. But there is the possibility of a new sponsor and the renewal could be ruled out.

In any case, “Cabuloso” will win, as both sponsors are able to close million-dollar contracts with the team from Minas Gerais.

Cruzeiro is going through a good moment. This is because the team is well positioned in the Brazilian Championship and qualified without any major surprises in the Copa Sudamericana, in search of the title.

Cruzeiro’s next match will be against Cuiabá, for the Brazilian Championship. “Cabuloso” will face one of the teams in the relegation zone, looking for 3 more important points.

The closing of the sponsorship with the Minas Gerais club seems even closer after the bookmaker VaideBet officially left Corinthians.

It is worth noting that the president of Cruzeiro recently signed the Corinthian idol Cássio, who was warmly received at Toca da Raposa. Thus, VaideBet can follow the same path as the experienced goalkeeper!

Official note from VaideBet regarding the termination with Corinthians

“VaideBet informs that this Friday (7) it terminated the sponsorship contract with Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Since the beginning of April, the brand has been monitoring and requesting clarification on the suspicions raised, having already held meetings, formal communications and extrajudicial notification. Given the explanations presented without any resolution, VaideBet regrettably finds itself forced to take such an action.

The brand believes that the partnership cannot be maintained while any suspicion regarding conduct that does not comply with ethics and legal precepts hovers over the agreement. Just doubt, in the brand’s ethical view, is enough to determine the termination – which was exercised by VaideBet, raising clauses in the contract that protect the brand’s rights in this decision.

VaideBet regrets the end of a partnership that should have lasted at least three years and thanks the immense and passionate Corinthians fans for their affection and respect, who support the history and values ​​of the institution on a daily basis.”