Foto: Clea Viana / Câmara dos Deputados

The Secretary of Prizes and Betting at the Ministry of Finance, Regis Dudena, announced significant updates on the regulation of the betting market in Brazil. Therefore, the announcement generated great interest and highlighted the need for a Brazilian partner for betting operators.

According to Dudena, the municipality will soon publish the response to this requirement. This immediately generated a stir among those present, who accessed the secretariat’s website in search of information.

During the event in São Paulo, Dudena mentioned that the regulation aims to regularize a market that generates R$150 billion annually.

With specific legislation, Brazil will be able to formalize this market, attracting the attention of major financial competitors.

The event was attended by foreign and digital banks, payment providers, betting companies, certifiers, and representatives of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

Phases of betting regulation

The Prizes and Betting Secretariat (SPA), created just over three months ago, is moving quickly towards creating rules for the sector.

With the publication of the first phase of regulations, international laboratories were authorized to certify the capacity of betting operators. In addition, rules for payment methods and platforms have also been established.

In the second phase, the authority will address ordinances related to money laundering and the obligations of participants.

The third phase will deal with online gaming and sanctioning actions, while the last phase will define rules for responsible gaming and social destinations.

The last ordinance is scheduled for the end of July, and those interested in operating from 2025 must request authorization by August 20th. Those approved will be notified by November 18th, and payment of the grant fee must be made by December 18th.

Security, control and requirements for Brazilian partners

To ensure the safety of bettors, SPA created a working group with the Ministry of Health to address the mental and financial health of players.

This way, bettors will need to register using biometrics, and all financial transactions will be electronic.

In partnership with the Central Bank, SPA established strict rules to monitor financial flow, ensuring transparency and security.

Therefore, Brazilian partners of betting companies, who must own at least 20% of the dealership, can be Brazilian individuals or legal entities.

Regulation aims not only to internalize resources, but also to create a safe and transparent environment for operators and bettors. Remembering that the bill was approved in Congress in December last year.