Mega Millions dá prêmio bilionário
Imagem: Mega Millions / Divulgação

The American lottery Mega Millions made another American mega millionaire last Tuesday (04).

The value of the prize was US$560 million, approximately more than R$2.9 billion. Not bad, right? No one disclosed the identity of the new millionaire, of course, and the only information available is that the lucky guy lives in the state of Illinois.

This edition of Mega Millions made many millionaires

The numbers drawn were: 19-37-40-63-69 and the Mega Ball was 17. Mega Millions is one of the most traditional and popular lotteries in Americans. According to the official website, the lucky person matched all five numbers and also the Mega Ball.

The chances of hitting this combination are very small and that’s what made him win such a big prize. But he wasn’t the only one to celebrate.

In the second prize bracket, two more bettors matched five numbers and won US$1 million each, that is, approximately R$5 million. In the third prize category, there were another 27 winning bets with 4 numbers that won US$10,000 each, around R$51,000.

The draws take place every Tuesday and Friday, around 11pm (local time). So, here in Brazil, for those who want to follow, which corresponds to the early hours of Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1 am Brasília time.

So, for those who dream of becoming the next millionaire, the next opportunity is this Friday (07). Since they won the jackpot, the next Mega Millions drawing is estimated at US$20 million.

Brazilians can bet

Do you want to participate in the draw? The good news is that any foreigner can participate in Mega Millions under US law.

Therefore, if you are here in Brazil and want to participate in the lotteries there, you can! Simply buy tickets through online platforms that are authorized to redeem prizes.