Foto: José Manoel Idalgo/ Agência Corinthians

After the departure of VaideBet, Corinthians is already working to fill the master sponsor’s space on the shirt. According to information from the Meu Timão portal, Augusto Melo, president of the club, has meetings scheduled with several betting houses.

One of the companies listed to replace VaideBet is Betano, sponsor of Atlético-MG and the Brazilian Championship. The board is seeking an agreement similar to the previous one, even though it is aware of the difficulties in reaching the amounts paid by the former sponsor.

In addition to financial support, the new partnership aims to alleviate pressure on the president. VaideBet sponsored not only the men’s football team, but also women’s football, basketball, futsal and youth teams at Corinthians. It is unclear whether the new sponsor will also extend its support to these other teams.

VaideBet’s departure occurred after the discovery of an “orange” involved in the sponsorship. Initially, the company had agreed to an annual payment of R$120 million, but after five months, it decided to terminate the contract.

This scandal resulted in the departure of five directors from Augusto Melo’s management, shaking Timão’s behind-the-scenes. Furthermore, the situation is being investigated by the police and internally by the club.

Club has ongoing conversations with Betano

The focus of the next meetings is on Betano, which has a strong presence in the sports betting market. The negotiation aims at a robust contract that can bring financial stability to the club, compensating for the loss of VaideBet.

Augusto Melo and the board are committed to closing a new agreement quickly. The goal is not only to replace the sponsorship, but also to ensure that the new partner brings additional benefits, including greater visibility and possible expansions to other Corinthians sports.

The club considers the rapid resolution of the sponsorship issue to be crucial for its financial and institutional balance.

Corinthians took a stand after losing VaideBet sponsorship

Corinthians took a stance on the departure of the then master sponsor, VaideBet. Last Friday (7), the São Paulo club issued an official note:

“Sport Club Corinthians Paulista announces the discontinuation of the master sponsorship contract with VaideBet. Due to recent instability, caused by accusations that remain under investigation, the company preferred to terminate the agreement it had signed with the club until the end of 2026.

Corinthians regrets that its commercial partner ended the biggest sports marketing agreement in Brazil – from which the company benefited to the point of going from an unknown bookmaker to second place in the sector in just five months – without any conclusion being reached investigations related to the trading intermediary.

It is worth mentioning that Corinthians is the most interested in resolving the aforementioned issue. Therefore, it is sparing no effort to ensure that the facts are clarified, whether by its own means, through third parties or in collaboration with the authorities.”