Sergio Moura pede licença do cargo de marketing do Corinthians após 'caso VaideBet'
Foto: Hugo Rodrigues / Corinthians

The situation involving Corinthians and its master sponsor, VaideBet, continues to generate repercussions inside and outside the club. Sergio Moura, the team’s marketing superintendent, announced his leave from his position this Thursday (23).

Moura plans to file a criminal complaint for slander, insult and defamation in court. According to ESPN, the director states that his decision to take leave is to defend himself from what he claims is “political persecution” against the administration of President Augusto Melo.

He also revealed that he had received five death threats since the case began. Moura emphasized that he will dedicate the period of leave to his defense, with no set deadline for returning to his position.

“I want proof that I received [money], proof that I was involved with Orange. Inside the club they told me that I was involved with an Orange company. So prove it. They came with documents to attack me,” he said.

Understand the case involving VaideBet and Corinthians

The controversy came to light after a complaint by journalist Juca Kfouri on UOL. The report details the use of an alleged “orange” in the negotiation.

Documents indicate that Rede Social Media Design Ltda, the company responsible for intermediating the sponsorship, received two transfers of R$700,000 from Corinthians in March this year.

After these transfers, Rede Social Media Design would have transferred R$580 thousand and R$462 thousand to Neoway Soluções Integradas em Serviços Ltda, which has Edna Oliveira dos Santos as a partner.

Edna denies owning the company. While Neoway’s tax address is in a building that has never been visited by anyone from the company.

The complaint also points out that Alex Fernando André, known as Alex Cassundé, owner of Rede Social Media Design Ltda, was part of Augusto Melo’s communications team during his campaign and is a friend of Sergio Moura.

The report states that administrative director Marcelo Mariano determined payments of R$700,000 without the approval of financial director Rozallah Santoro, who was absent.

What did Corinthians say?

After the publication of the report, Corinthians expressed its opinion in an official statement. “Sport Club Corinthians Paulista was aware of the accusation published in the press and reaffirms that all negotiations, including sponsorships, took place legally with regularly constituted companies”, declared the club.

“The club emphasizes that it is not responsible for any transfer of funds to third parties. If any evidence of illicit acts is presented, these will be discussed with the Deliberative Council for any necessary measures”.

Negative repercussions with the sponsor

VaideBet, Corinthians’ main sponsor, expressed dissatisfaction with the news about the accusations. The company notified the club by email, concerned about the impact of the news and mentioned the possibility of contract termination.

According to VaideBet, the recent information puts the credibility and image of the company at risk, as it seeks to establish itself in the betting market.