Pixbet renova contrato milionário com o Flamengo
Imagem: Flamengo / Divulgação

Flamengo, one of the biggest clubs in Brazil, has just taken a big step in its history. The club’s Deliberative Council approved, last Thursday (23), the expansion of master sponsorship. So, the new contract with Pixbet, which is valid until 2027, will yield around R$470 million to Flamengo.

The vote was almost unanimous, with 136 votes in favor and just 2 against.

The agreement with Pixbet becomes the largest master sponsorship in Flamengo’s history. The amount for 2024 will be R$105 million, paid retroactively.

In 2025, the value rises to R$110 million. If the automatic renewal is validated, the amount will be R$125 million in 2026 and 2027.

Pixbet offers prizes in case of Flamengo titles

In addition, Pixbet will also offer bonuses in the case of titles. In men’s football, winning the Libertadores will earn Flamengo R$5 million, while the runner-up will be worth R$2.5 million.

In the Copa do Brasil, the title is worth R$3 million and the runner-up is worth R$1.5 million. In the Brasileirão, the title will yield R$3 million. In women’s football, winning the Libertadores will be worth R$1 million and vice-versa, R$500,000. The Brasileirão title will yield R$1 million.

Therefore, Pixbet, aware of Flamengo’s value in the market, accepted the adjustment requested by the club. The fear of losing the partnership with the club with the biggest fans in Brazil made the company give in.

However, in return for the increase, the company entered into a renewal agreement with a provision for a 50% fine in the event of termination.