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Flamengo is about to sign one of the biggest master sponsorship agreements in the history of Brazilian football with Pixbet. Next Thursday (23), the club’s Deliberative Council will vote on the new terms of the partnership with the bookmaker.

Thus, the contract will be worth R$470 million, valid for four years.

Details of the contract between Flamengo and Pixbet

The current contract with Pixbet, which provided for an annual payment of R$85 million, will give way to a new agreement with significantly higher values. Thus, in 2024, Flamengo will receive R$105 million, guaranteeing the largest master sponsorship in the country.

Thus, in the following years, the amounts will be staggered: R$115 million in 2025, and R$125 million in both 2026 and 2027.

Therefore, this agreement represents a substantial increase in the club’s revenue, consolidating Flamengo as one of the most valuable teams in Brazil. In addition to strengthening the Rio team’s brand, these resources will allow for significant investments in football and other areas of the club.

The contract includes a termination clause, stipulating a fine of 50% of the remaining value of the contract if either party decides to end the agreement before completion.

Identity and compliance program

In addition to voting on the new sponsorship, Flamengo will present the new Identity and Compliance Program to its members. This program was developed based on a recent Federal Government standard and aims to improve the club’s transparency and governance.

Currently, Flamengo is in third place in the Brazilian Championship with 11 points in 6 games played. The team led by Tite has 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat.

It is worth remembering that the competition is currently paralyzed due to the state of public calamity in Rio Grande do Sul. The Copa do Brasil and Libertadores games continue.

About Pixbet

Pixbet is a sports betting platform focused on the Brazilian market. Founded to meet the growing demand for online betting, Pixbet offers a variety of sports, including football, basketball and tennis.

With a user-friendly interface and diverse betting options, the group aims to provide a safe and fun experience for its users.

Therefore, the company also stands out for its strategic partnerships with major football clubs, such as Flamengo, strengthening its presence and influence on the national sporting scene.