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Corinthians‘ initial performance at Paulistão could not be more challenging. After an impressive victory over Guarani in their debut, the team faced a series of three consecutive defeats, leaving fans worried.

Thus, this negative sequence not only shook the team’s confidence, but also had a significant impact on bookmakers. Furthermore, coach Mano Menezes was fired due to below-expected results.

According to Odds & Scouts, one of the main sources of data for sporting events, and several recognized betting platforms, such as Esportes da Sorte, Casa de Apostas, Bet7k, Onabet, and Reals, Corinthians, which began as one of the favourites, is now losing strength.

Anyone who believes in Corinthians’ title in Paulistão will receive R$7.50 for every R$1 invested, a considerable change compared to the R$5.50 offered in the first round.

Meanwhile, Red Bull Bragantino, once considered less likely, is now ahead of Corinthians, offering a return of R$6.50 for every R$1 invested.

Fluctuations in probabilities

These fluctuations in odds reflect not only the teams’ recent performance, but also the rise of other clubs. Both Palmeiras and São Paulo saw their favoritism increase after four rounds of consistent games.

Verdão, led by Abel Ferreira, saw its odds increase from 2.50 to 2.35, while Morumbi’s Tricolor, after impressive victories, now offers an odds of 3.50, a significant drop from the initial 3.75.

Meanwhile, Santos, despite maintaining its position as fifth favorite, also experienced a change in its odds, moving from 9.00 to 8.00.

However, this is a direct consequence of their consistent performance in the first rounds of the championship.

How the bets are shaping up after the fourth round:

  • Palmeiras – 2,35
  • São Paulo – 3,50
  • Red Bull Bragantino – 6,50
  • Corinthians – 7,50
  • Santos – 8,00

It’s important to note that these odds are fluid and subject to change based on teams’ ongoing performance throughout the championship.

With so many twists and surprises so far, it is difficult to predict who will triumph as the definitive champion of Paulistão. Palmeiras is the current two-time state champion, but was surpassed by São Paulo in the Brazilian Super Cup last Sunday, the 4th.

Paulistão’s decision is scheduled for April 7th.