Leandro Amorim / Vasco

Betano may be close to ending its partnership with Fluminense. The company has a master sponsorship contract with the tricolor until 2025.

However, the Rio club is seeking financial appreciation and value adjustments in the contract with the betting company, something that may not happen.

Thus, Betano, Tricolor’s master sponsor, is in advanced negotiations with Vasco da Gama, with a view to a new partnership with one of the great clubs in Rio de Janeiro and Series A.

The Cruzmaltino club, in turn, is anxiously awaiting a formal proposal from the bookmaker, whose presentation is scheduled for the next few days.

Previously, Vasco had signed an agreement with EstrelaBet. Thus, committing to disburse R$45 million annually to SAF, in a two-season contract.

All of this, which can reach R$55 million annually by achieving pre-established goals.

However, in recent days, EstrelaBet reconsidered the agreed values, and given this turnaround, negotiations remain pending. Considering that the contracts were not formally signed.

Given this scenario, Betano emerges as an option for Vasco, especially after indications of his possible imminent departure from Fluminense.

The Tricolor board, in turn, assesses that the contract with the bookmaker needs adjustments to adapt to current market conditions, aiming for financial appreciation.

During this period of uncertainty, Fluminense received surveys from two other companies: PixBet, Flamengo‘s master sponsor, and SuperBet, which holds São Paulo‘s master sponsorship.

Fluminense and Betano: the search for financial appreciation

Fluminense’s potential new partner shows willingness to accept the termination fine with Betano. In addition, there is a substantial financial proposal, estimated at around R$50 million.

This value represents a significant increase, being three to four times higher than the current sponsorship.

Credit: instagram @fluminensefc

18 of the 20 Serie A teams are partners with bookmakers

This behind-the-scenes movement follows a growing trend among Serie A teams: 18 of the 20 elite clubs in national football have established commercial partnerships with bookmakers.

Last year, on the eve of the kickoff of Brazil’s main tournament, 19 of the 20 clubs already had commercial agreements with bookmakers.

The exponential growth is related to the presence of these companies in the most noble spaces on club shirts. Initially, there were 11 teams, and now that number has increased to 18.