Foto: Agência Brasil

In government corridors, a new sports betting proposal is generating enthusiasm among Brazilian bettors. The intention is to reduce fees on sports betting, benefiting millions of digital investors.

Current rates on online betting

Currently, the proposed regulation for online betting and gaming has a tax of 18% on revenue. However, Senator Angelo Coronel proposed reducing this rate to 12% on sports betting.

He expressed skepticism about the acceptance of the proposal. However, part of the profits from this lower taxation would go to Brazilian municipalities.

Next steps for the sports betting proposal

The project is in the final stages of processing in the National Congress. A meeting between the Senate CAE rapporteur, Angelo Coronel and the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, will take place soon. They will discuss the proposal.

It is worth mentioning that online games, such as Aviator and Mines, tend to follow the 18% rate. Bets on football, basketball and MMA could have a rate of 12%.

Vision of the Ministry of Finance

The government has been articulating the sports betting proposal since the beginning of the year. A taxation proposal aims to increase revenue from public coffers.

This proposal suggests a fee of R$30 million for betting houses operating in Brazil. Initially the established period was 5 years, but the deputies changed it to 3 years. This was one of the points most criticized by the market.

The scenario is one of expectation. Investors await government decisions on rates. These decisions will influence the future of online betting in Brazil and investment strategies.