Sports betting CPI: MPGO members and Vila Nova president will be heard
Photo: Vinicius Loures/Chamber of Deputies

The sports betting CPI, which investigates cases of match manipulation in Brazilian football, listens, this Tuesday, 30, to the first guests since the installation of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in the Chamber of Deputies.

One of the participants will be the president of Vila Nova Futebol Clube, Hugo Jorge Bravo. He was responsible for reporting a case of fraud on the team. In addition, the attorney general and the prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) Cyro Terra Peres and Fernando Cesconetto, respectively, will also be heard.

Peres and Cesconetto participated in the actions of the MPGO’s Maximum Penalty Operation, which has been highlighted in the national news in recent months after the denunciation of 16 people for fraud in 13 soccer games. The intention will be to discover the path that resulted in the beginning of the investigations.

According to Metropoles, deputies should ask the director what factors made him suspicious of irregular actions against his team, in addition to the names of possible people related to the scheme. Members of the MPGO should be questioned about the investigation documents.

New summons

In addition to listening to the three guests, the members of the CPI will vote on 19 requests that are on the agenda for this Tuesday’s session. On the list, there are invitation requests to names such as Andrei Rodrigues, director of the Federal Police, and Ana Moser, Minister of Sports.

There are also requests for an invitation to the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, to clarify the format of operations carried out by bookmakers.

Invitations to the presidents of the National Association of Football Referees, the Federation of Football Referees of Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) and the National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL) should also be appreciated.

Sports Betting CPI

The sports betting CPI is directed by Júlio Arcoverde (PP-PI) and rapporteur by Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE). Discussion on the subject has intensified in recent days, after the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) denounced 16 people for fraud in the results of 13 football matches.

The cases involved matches from Series A and B of last year’s Brazilian Championship, and the 2023 Gaucho and Paulista championships. In the investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, clubs and bookmakers are considered victims.