Betfair gives Brasileirão title to Palmeiras and pays all bets 7 rounds in advance
Photo: Betfair / Marketing

For Betfair, Palmeiras is already the Brazilian champion. Despite the chances of changes in the table, the bookmaker, Verdão’s official betting partner, decided to carry out the “early payout” and has already deposited the money in the account of everyone who bet that Alviverde would stay with the Brazilian Cup in 2022 – although the title has not been mathematically confirmed.

But, according to analysts at Betfair, it’s all a matter of time before Palmeiras can release the cry of “champion!”. The club has a ten-point advantage over the second-placed team and 72% of points are used so far, having been defeated in only 2 opportunities. Betfair odds pay 1.01 for every real bet on the alviverde team, a 99% probability that Palmeiras will be the Brazilian champion.

Internacional, the main competitor in the dispute and vice-leader of Serie A, appears in Betfair’s analysis with little chance of reversing this scenario. To reach the title, Colorado depends on the leader’s stumbling: Palmeiras needs to lose at least three matches in this final stretch of Brasileirão – and the team does not dispute other decisions and is completely focused on the championship of consecutive points.

With absolute numbers so favorable in favor of Verdão, the level of confidence is high and Betfair decided to reward its bettors. Those who bet on Palmeiras on Betfair’s Sportsbook until 9 am this Thursday, 13, have already received the money to make the early celebration even with 7 rounds in advance. The payment was made even before the game against São Paulo, this Sunday (16), at 4 pm.

Last year, Betfair also held an early payout to bettors who nominated Atlético Mineiro as the Brazilian champion. At that time, the payment was made five rounds in advance.

Betfair’s markets remain open to those who believe that every outcome is possible and that a turnaround can still happen. Palmeiras’ matches in this final stretch are: São Paulo (home), Avaí (home), Athletico-PR (away), Fortaleza (home), Cuiabá (away), América-MG (home) and Internacional (away).

If Palmeiras does not assert the gigantic favoritism and does not confirm the title, Betfair will assume responsibility for the decision and make a new payment to anyone who has bet on Internacional or any other club that still has a mathematical chance of stealing the title from Verdão.

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