French gaming operator La Française des Jeux (FDJ) has announced its Q3 2022 report showing a 12% increase in annual revenue. The report highlights the strong performance when it comes to lottery games, with revenue of 14% to 478 million euros ($467 million). This increase is due to a large number of jackpots.

Sports betting revenue has stabilized at 97 million euros, but the World Cup at the end of the year is expected to bring significant increases. According to the report, stakes rose across all distribution channels, with a 6% increase in points of sale and a 35% increase in online channels.

Revenue from other activities also increased by 3 million euros. In total, full-year 2022 revenue is now expected to increase by more than 8%, with an EBITDA margin close to 24% above all forecasts at the start of the year. The initial forecast for 2022 saw revenue growth of almost 5%, with an EBITDA margin of over 23%.

Stéphane Pallez, President and CEO of the FDJ Group, said: “The strong momentum registered by the group at the beginning of the year continued in the third quarter. We are particularly pleased with the return of our network of points of sale to healthy commercial dynamics, with quarterly participations of 6%. Our digital business continues to attract an increasing number of participants, almost 5 million”.

“The good performance expected for the full year reflects the relevance of our strategy, which is based on these two distribution channels, and confirms our model of responsible growth in the long term,” added Pallez.

About the FDJ

Française des Jeux is the operator of France’s national lottery games and the main sponsor of the FDJ cycling team. The name loosely translates to The French Gaming Company.