Pinnacle extends global reach with Ontario license

Pinnacle, the renowned sports betting operator ‘Winners Welcome’, today announced that its Internet Gaming Operator registration for Ontario has been approved by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO).

Registering in Ontario will allow the operator to provide customers with its market-leading content in sports betting and esports, with punters catered for by its low margins to level the betting playing field and deliver more value on every bet.

Pinnacle’s nearly 25 years of international operating experience has helped shape its unique customer-first product, which will be a key differentiator for provincial bettors looking for a superior, licensed betting experience.

Bettors in Ontario can look forward to the best value betting opportunities across all major sports, with Pinnacle specifically geared for North American content including NFL and CFL, tennis, baseball, basketball and football, while its award-winning esports offering is as well. will be available.

With licenses already held in Malta, Sweden and Italy, AGCO’s approval represents the operator’s latest step towards achieving global growth in new and emerging markets, and with an already well-established brand, this latest entry into the regulated gaming market of Ontario is set to benefit customers, provincial betting competition and Pinnacle’s long-term growth plans.

Paris Smith, CEO of Pinnacle, said: “Ontario sports fans and bettors deserve the best betting opportunities, and we are excited to serve them now with the recent approval of our AGCO registration.

“There is a robust and fair regulatory regime in place, along with a knowledgeable sports and betting audience, and we are excited to be able to bring our ‘Welcome to the winners’ mantra to the marketplace and take Ontario betting to the next level.” will be available to Ontario residents soon, while the B2B arm of operators Pinnacle Solution has also been approved for their gaming-related vendor registration, allowing them to serve Ontario sportsbooks with their trading and management services. of risk.

About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a respected industry leader with over 20 years of online betting experience. In addition to an established reputation for consistently delivering the best value and an unparalleled betting experience, the online bookmaker is also known for producing educational content to help empower punters. Emphasizing the continued development of its risk management expertise has enabled Pinnacle to continue to be a central pillar of the online betting industry with a commitment to offering customers low margins, high limits and a unique winners welcome policy.