Brazilian Lounge Podcast recebe Flávio Raimundo, referência do marketing de afiliados no Brasil

This Thursday, the Brazilian Lounge Podcast is reaching its tenth episode with the participation of a reference in Brazilian affiliate marketing, Flávio Raimundo.

In the episode, Flávio shares his journey, insights into the affiliation and marketing market in Brazil and the secrets behind the success of Afiliados Brasil. He also discusses the importance of networking and ongoing education in this ever-evolving industry.

Starting with the arrival of the internet in Brazil

“I started on the internet in 1997. Because of 16 days, I can’t say that I started with the internet in Brazil. I actually started working on the internet in 1997. There was no Google, it was literally a desert,” he said.

Furthermore, Flávio is an experienced consultant with expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, business networking and usability. Its extensive experience in the sector is reflected in its position as one of the main references in SEO in Brazil.

He recalled how he started in this activity. “I learned very quickly how to position a website in the top positions of Google. I was one of the 4 professionals in Brazil who started (with SEO) and it started to produce absurd results”, he stated.

Brazilian Lounge Podcast

Entering the Affiliate Market

With more than 25 years of experience in various businesses, Flávio is an iconic figure in the affiliation and marketing market in Brazil.

He is widely known for his contribution to the development of this sector and for his role as one of the founders of the renowned event Afiliados Brasil, the first and largest event on Affiliate Marketing in the country.

“I started as an affiliate long before Afiliados Brasil promoting some things from the United States. I discovered what affiliation was in 2011, when I went to the biggest event in the world in the area of ​​affiliation in New York”, he recalled, adding that he immediately understood that the sector would find total conditions to grow in Brazil.

Flávio Raimundo is also recognized for his ability to acquire and manage valuable domains, which has allowed him to create successful operations and establish strategic partnerships with various brands and partners.

Brazilian Lounge Podcast

The podcast features presentations by Ricardo Magri (Director of Brazilian Lounge), Alessandro Valente (co-founder of Brazilian Lounge) and Witoldo Hendrich Junior (co-founder of Hendrich Advogados / Online IPS).

While the podcast explores the topics that have had the most impact on the industry on a weekly basis. With Flávio Figueiredo (CEO of iGaming Group), the Top 7 news is sponsored by the betting house Bet7k.

Flavio Figueiredo - Brazilian Lounge Podcast

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