SOFTSWISS lança nova ferramenta
Imagem: SOFTSWISS / Divulgação

SOFTSWISS, a global iGaming software provider with 15 years of experience, launches its first mobile app with SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

The app expands the offerings of Primobet, an operator licensed in Serbia, and is available on Google Play and the country’s App Store.

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The rise of mobile devices claiming 90% of gross gaming revenue (GGR) in Q1 2024, up from 86% a year ago, underscores the imperative need for mobile apps.

The newly launched app is strategically positioned to meet this demand, offering an enhanced and accessible gaming experience for gamers.

For iGaming operators, the mobile app offers several important commercial advantages:

  • Increased player confidence: In line with high industry standards, apps undergo rigorous vetting by app stores before being published.
  • Diversified risk management: By offering multiple platforms, operators ensure stability in unforeseen circumstances. Splitting your audience across multiple platforms reduces risk and ensures consistent engagement regardless of external factors.
  • Greater user comfort: Advanced mechanics and features overcome browser limitations, enhancing the user experience.
  • Expanded promotional capabilities: Push notifications and promotions through digital channels allow direct communication with players.

Application arrives in Nigeria soon

Alexander Kamenetskiy, Director of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, congratulated the product team on this achievement, stating: “One year after demoing the app, we launched our first project and, most importantly, we secured launches in two of the most popular mobile app stores. popular.

I am incredibly proud of my team’s dedication and hard work to reach this milestone. As a technology innovator, we look forward to introducing more features and tools to benefit our partners.”

Therefore, the mobile application is in the final stages of launch with another project in Nigeria. It has already been published on the App Store and has completed the verification process on Google Play.

Therefore, with the launch of the mobile app, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook continues to solidify its position in the iGaming sector. The company prides itself on providing partners with cutting-edge solutions to enhance their business operations.

Additionally, SOFTSWISS recently launched the Sports Betting Budget Calculator, a tool to help operators manage their budgets effectively.