PayBrokers fortalece presença em Hub Internacional de Negócios em Madrid

PayBrokers, a Brazilian payment service provider (PSP) processing transactions via PIX for foreign companies, is expanding its global reach.

Alexandre Tauszig, Business Developer at fintech, was with other entrepreneurs on a Brazilian mission from Executive Partners in Madrid, Spain, during the International Business Hub – Between Europe and Latin America.

The event brought together leaders from various segments to strengthen business relations between Brazil and Spain.

During the week, Tauszig participated in several meetings, reinforcing PayBrokers’ position as a crucial strategic partner for international companies wishing to expand their operations in the Brazilian market.

“We have always been recognized as a robust and stable tool for the dynamic global sports betting and online casino market. On this trip, we went to show Europe that we can go further”, he highlighted.

“We have a platform capable of connecting Brazilian customers with international merchants from other business areas. Due to Brazil’s continental dimensions, many international businesspeople seek Brazilian customers for their products and services.

“But how to provide payments via PIX to them was unknown. PayBrokers came to fill this gap”, he added.

PayBrokers‘ participation in the International Business Hub in Madrid reaffirms its commitment to being present at the sector’s main events.

“This is another step towards international expansion, now on European soil, solidifying our position as a global strategic partner for companies seeking the Brazilian market”, concluded Tauszig.

PayBrokers strengthens presence in the International Business Hub in Madrid

About PayBrokers

PayBrokers is a leading Brazilian payment service provider (PSP), specialized in processing transactions via PIX for companies established and licensed outside Brazil, focusing on the high-risk market, mainly gaming and gambling.

The company stands out for the robustness of its platform and its commitment to excellence in customer service, facilitating safe and efficient transactions throughout Brazil.