NSports World Cup Pool will involve Olympic athletes and the general public

Brazilian fans are counting the days left for the ball to roll on Qatar’s lawns. The host team will open the World Cup next Sunday, 20, in a game against Ecuador. With that in mind, the sports streaming platform NSports is launching a free pool open to the general public.

The difference is that important athletes from the Brazilian Olympic scene were called to give their guesses. These athletes will not compete for prizes, reserved for the top three in the pool.

But, Olympic athletes will also appear in the ranking and will have a specific one. Each athlete will be the representative of a charitable institution. The intention is to use the action to give even more prominence to social causes.

“Following major competitions such as the Olympic, Pan American and South American Games, we always see the athletes of Team Brasil cheering each other a lot and it would be no different in the biggest football competition on the planet”, said NSports CEO Guilherme Figueiredo .

“So, we launched the pool to reinforce this crowd in a playful way, creating a competition between them and even inviting the public to test their guesses against the great Brazilian athletes”, he shared.

On the pool website, you can check the prizes, the regulation and register. According to Máquina do Esporte, the public will also be able to access the athletes’ bio and find out which entity each one is representing.

Olympic athletes who will be in the Pool

The list of athletes who will participate in the pool includes Ana Marcela Cunha (gold medalist in the aquatic marathon in Tokyo 2020), Alison dos Santos (world champion in 400m hurdles this year and bronze in Tokyo 2020); Bia Ferreira (boxing silver at Tokyo 2020); Rodrigo “Capita” (two-time futsal world champion); Amandinha (elected ten times as the best futsal player on the planet); and Luisa Stefani (first Olympic medalist in Brazilian tennis in the doubles dispute alongside Laura Pigossi in Tokyo 2020).