Exclusive- Luis de Prat highlights Centrivo, Digitain's new premium iGaming platform

Digitain attended ICE London and launched a new product, Centrivo, a premium, all-in-one, GLI-certified iGaming platform that provides operators with a high-capacity solution to manage their online gaming business.

The European company is now preparing to arrive in São Paulo and participate in the biggest iGaming event in Latin America, BiS, which takes place in June, on the 28th and 29th.

A month ago it was in London, like most companies in the sector, participating in the International Conference and Exhibition, ICE.

And with the growing expansion of online gaming in our important region, iGaming veteran Luis de Prat recently joined Digitain as Sales Manager for the Latin America region.

Luis has a wealth of experience accumulated over more than two decades in the gaming business.

In Spain, Luis managed betting, bingo and electronic lottery operations for CIRSA and in 2008 transitioned to online gaming, applying his experience in the sector.

In 2011, he participated in the regulation of online gaming in Spain, representing the content provider Microgaming as country manager and advising clients on the purchase of casino products for online gaming operations in Spain and Latin America.

Although born in Madrid, Luis has lived in the US since he was young and is bilingual in Spanish and English. He is also fluent in Italian and Catalan.

Check out the exclusive interview for iGaming Brazil

iGaming Brazil – How do you characterize Digitain? What kind of company is it and what market is it dedicated to?

Luis de Prat – Digitain is a provider of innovative sports betting solutions that power online gaming and betting operations for our partners around the world.

Our portfolio offers a wide range of products including our proprietary sports betting platform, our 75 provider casino content aggregator, our own live dealer studio and our in-house RNG game development.

iGaming Brazil – What did you think of the ICE London 2022 fair?

Luis de Prat – This year’s edition of ICE London proved to be one of the best for Digitain ever, with our booth and new products receiving considerable attention from attendees. A significant number of visitors were from Latin American markets, including Brazil.

Among the new products we presented at ICE, the main highlight was Centrivo, our premium, all-in-one, GLI-certified iGaming platform, which provides operators with a high-capacity solution to manage their online gaming business, offering the They have a broader set of tools to customize your operation and really stand out from the competition.

iGaming Brazil – Are billings changing now post-pandemic? Or during the pandemic were the numbers better? Did the online game affect anything?

Luis de Prat – The numbers during the pandemic were obviously affected by the initial impact on sporting events for betting, but the post-pandemic numbers are back to normal and show a good growth rate.

We reacted quickly at the start of the pandemic to protect our partners’ revenues by adding engaging content such as virtual sports, esports and even our own live table football events.

iGaming Brazil – Which Southern Cone markets are the most important for the company today and what are your growth expectations for 2022?

Luis de Prat – Latin America in general is a key region for Digitain, and we have been actively providing sports betting solutions to partners in both hemispheres.

Digitain continues to give Brazil the highest priority in the Southern Cone region, and we are also closely monitoring the regulatory process in Argentina and Chile.

iGaming Brazil – What features differentiate Digitain’s products and games from the competition?

Luis de Prat – Digitain’s GLI-certified bookmaker is our flagship product and has been widely recognized in the industry as the best solution, powering the sports betting operations of over 150 partners worldwide.

The premium Centrivo platform takes operators to another level of control, with a complete back-office management and reporting system, a dynamic content management tool, a cross-channel bonus mechanism and a robust payment gateway with greater global coverage. .

In addition, operators can count on the Digitain portfolio to complete their games with the best games from the aggregator RGS Casino, the Live Dealer casino and E-Sports, all with the same solution.

iGaming Brazil – What types of games are Latin American gamers looking for? What is the profile of the European player in relation to ours?

Luis de Prat – Latin American players have a stronger interest in American sports, both in the big leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NFL) and in the university series. In some markets like Mexico and Peru, North American horse racing is also sought after by local players, and we have added it for new partners in those markets. In Europe, the general focus is mainly on football (soccer), basketball and tennis.

iGaming Brazil – What operational advantages make Digitain stand out from its market competitors?

Luis de Prat – Digitain’s biggest advantage is its people. With the growing number of sports betting providers, most of which rely on third parties for their sports feed, odds compilation and trading, Digitain is proud of our vertical integration, with an in-house trading team that has over 750 employees and offers over 90,000 live events per month.

In addition to our in-house trading team, Digitain employs over 170 developers to ensure timely product delivery and a dedicated account management team for post-launch customer satisfaction.

iGaming Brazil – What other markets are included in your growth plan? What are your plans or expectations for the Brazilian market when the law is passed in the country?

Luis de Prat – In addition to Latin America, we continue to develop business opportunities with partners in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. In Brazil specifically, we are already working with a number of partners targeting this market, and we expect to considerably develop our business in Brazil after regulation, which will encourage more traditional land operators to enter the digital sports betting space.