Banco Banestes, which operates in Espírito Santo, is currently in the process of considering the launch of its own lottery and the eventual expansion into the online betting market, also known as “bets”.

This strategic move by the financial institution reflects an interest in diversifying its activities beyond the traditional banking sector. The idea is to explore new sources of revenue and adapt to changing market demands.

Banestes seeks partner to operate betting and lottery

For this venture, Banestes hired the services of Genial, with the aim of seeking a strategic partner for its future subsidiary.

The expectation is that this partner will be a multinational with extensive experience in both conventional lotteries and online betting.

Banestes’ initiative signals a significant change in its business approach, seeking to keep up with emerging trends and consumer preferences.

With the growing demand for online entertainment, entering the betting market could represent a strategic opportunity for Banestes to position itself as an innovative and relevant brand.

It is important to note that the process is still in the consideration phase and there are no guarantees that the lottery and online betting will come to fruition.

However, this movement highlights Banestes’ willingness to explore new horizons and adapt to the demands of the constantly evolving market.

About the bank

Banco Banestes, established in Espírito Santo since 1937, offers a wide range of financial services to individuals and companies.

Therefore, it seeks to adapt to market changes, considers launching its own lottery and entering the online betting market. Its commitment is to meet local needs, contributing to regional development.