Mega da Virada - sucesso das loterias de 8 em cada 10 brasileiros

Mega da Virada is the success of national lotteries. Thus, 8 out of 10 Brazilians intend to bet this year.

Every year, with the arrival of the New Year, the population prepares for a global celebration, each in their own way, their culture, their country, their traditions.

Thus, in Brazil, in addition to religious traditions, there are lottery fans, and for those lucky enough to risk a bet on the Mega Sena da Virada, there will be the biggest prize in the history of the contest.

Nothing less than R$ 103,738,178.31. With this award, 2024 could begin with an extraordinary turnaround.

Therefore, Ecglobal, a company belonging to Haus, the Stefanini Group’s marketing ecosystem, carried out quantitative research using a structured online questionnaire involving approximately 500 participants.

The results reveal that 8 out of 10 respondents intend to try their luck and start the year as millionaires.

The research

Among the participants, 59% confirmed their intentions to place bets, while another 24% expressed that they considered the possibility.

With regard to game formats, 44% will opt for individual games, 14% will participate in pools and 38% plan to combine both strategies.

The majority (55%) plan to invest up to R$50 in their games, while 7% show a willingness to invest more substantial amounts, reaching up to R$200 in Mega-Sena.

The study also noted that the lottery is part of the daily lives of those interviewed. Around 90% have some previous experience of betting on Mega-Sena, with 22% placing bets weekly, while 17% choose to participate annually.


The survey revealed that 66% of respondents consistently stick to some numbers over the years, while a staggering 27% repeat all numbers in their choices.

This pattern suggests allegiance to specific numbers, whether for superstitious reasons, personal significance, or other emotional motivations.

When analyzing numerical preferences, a diversity of approaches is observed. Intuition stands out as the main influence, cited by 47% of participants.

Important dates also play a significant role, with 36% of respondents choosing numbers associated with special moments in their lives.

Other strategies include adopting lucky numbers (26%), interpreting number-related dreams (14%), considering trends or predictions (14%), and paying close attention to numbers found in the environment (14%).

Use of the Mega da Virada prize

For 28% of participants, the lottery is an opportunity to make their dreams come true, becoming a platform for realizing personal aspirations.

According to the survey, 40% of respondents highlighted their intention to invest the prize in long-term financial stability.

On the other hand, 13% of participants revealed a more immediate approach, directing the prize to pay off existing debts, acquire high-value assets or fulfill personal dreams, such as travel.