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CAIXA Lotteries are bringing a new wave of excitement to players across Brazil with the launch of tickets for the Federal Lottery.

Wednesday gains a new appeal with the name “Quartou!”, while the Federal Millionaire is now known as “Enricou!”.

These changes are not just nominal; They represent a new twist in the world of betting, available for purchase at all lottery outlets in the country.

Attractive design and clear information

Each Federal Lottery ticket now displays a distinct illustration and standardized details of the prizes, the draw date and the extraction number, all to facilitate the player’s experience.

Players can also quickly access the CAIXA results page thanks to the strategic inclusion of a QR Code on the tickets.

While Saturday’s draw maintains its traditional design, the new editions highlight the total prizes, going beyond the main prize, and feature an informative stamp on the chances of winning, highlighting the Federal Lottery as one of the most generous modalities in terms of prizes.

Details of the “Quartou!” extractions and “Enricou!”

The “Quartou!” promises to rock Wednesdays with a prize of R$500,000 per series. The complete ticket, consisting of 10 fractions, has a value of R$40.00, allowing the purchase of individual fractions for R$4.00.

“Enricou!”, with its monthly draw, raises expectations with a prize of R$ 1,350,000.00. You can buy the entire ticket for R$100.00, or purchase individual portions for R$10.00 each.

With the encouraging statistic that ‘1 in 5 tickets wins’, the probability of winning attracts both new and old bettors.

How to place your bet and increase your chances in the Federal Lottery

Betting on Federal is an easy and accessible process. Those interested can choose the ticket they want at a lottery or purchase it through an accredited street vendor.

Each ticket contains 10 fractions, and the prize value is always proportional to the number of fractions that the player decides to buy.

Bettors have a variety of chances to win, ranging from hitting one of the five main prizes to getting close numbers or even the first prize unit.