Relatório de Romário no Senado aumenta duração da licença, mas barra cassinos online
Foto: Waldemir Barreto/ Agência Senado

Rapporteur of the betting regulation project at the Senate Sports Committee (CEsp), senator Romário (PL-RJ) released his report this Tuesday, 7th.

The text extends the duration of betting house service licenses in Brazilian territory. On the other hand, Romário restricted online betting in Brazil, barring online casino games.

The report proposes changes to bill (PL) 3626/2023, approved by the Chamber of Deputies in September.

According to Máquina do Esporte, the Commission president’s report would be voted on last Tuesday, but the discussion was postponed until this Wednesday, the 8th.

The betting regulation proposal is being processed simultaneously by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE), where another opinion will be presented for approval. Subsequently, the project will be put to a vote in the Senate Plenary.

License time increase for bookmakers

One point of Romário’s report was the extension of the license period from three to five years, but maintaining the maximum value of 30 million reais.

This grant presents the possibility of exploiting up to two commercial brands by the company authorized by the Federal Government.

However, other market requests were not met in the former football player’s report.

Therefore, the 18% taxation on GGR (gross collection minus prizes paid) was maintained.

Another request, to reduce taxes on bettors, was not accepted. The report maintains a 30% fee for customers who profit more than R$2,112 on a bet.

Therefore, Romário’s full report can be accessed here.

Sports Commission agenda this Wednesday

According to the official agenda of the Senate Sports Committee, the matter should continue on the agenda this Wednesday. The description is as follows:

“Provides for the lottery modality called fixed-odd betting; amends Laws No. 5,768, of December 20, 1971, and 13,756, of December 12, 2018, and Provisional Measure No. 2,158-35, of August 24, 2001; revokes provisions of Decree-Law No. 204, of February 27, 1967; and takes other measures.

Rapporteur: Senator Romário

Report: In favor of Bill No. 3626/2023, with the acceptance of Amendments Nos. 14-U, 47-U, 48-U and 61, 73 and 96, for the partial acceptance of Amendments Nos. 6-U, 16-U, 17-U, 22-U, 39-U, 40-U, 45-U, 49-U and 74, for the rejection of the other amendments presented, and with the two amendments it presents”.