Bill 442/91, which legalizes gambling in Brazil, including casinos, should now be voted on in February.

The Chamber of Deputies already held some debates about the project in December, approving the order of urgency for the agenda. In addition, a Working Group (WG) was created to study in depth the Bill that regulates casinos and gambling.

Eduardo Bismarck, Federal Deputy (PDT-CE), is the author of two other bills aimed at legalization, enabling these activities to take place in casino hotels and resorts.

“The fact that gambling is illegal does not mean that this practice does not occur, on the contrary, it makes its results perverse”, defends the parliamentarian.

“The debate is extensive and there are many points to be analyzed, but, in advance, I reiterate the work to continue with the legalization, for the sake of tourism and economic development of the country”, adds Bismarck

Plenary has been discussing the legalization of casinos and games for a long time

Since the Working Group was created, several parliamentarians have discussed the regulatory framework for gaming and asked for its approval in plenary.

“The debate is extensive and there are many points to be analyzed by members and society in general due to all the social and structural factors involved. But, in advance, I reiterate the work to proceed with legalization, for the sake of tourism and economic development country”, comments the Federal Deputy.

Furthermore, Eduardo Bismarck stated that there is a lot of stigma on gambling and that this is pure disinformation: “One cannot close one’s eyes to the fact that gambling in Brazil is widely practiced and accepted by Brazilian society, even though it is On the other hand, removing illegality, it is possible to monitor and guarantee safe environments intended for this purpose, in addition to promoting the economy, with job creation and taxation of taxes”.

Eduardo Bismarck’s Bills

Bill 5319/19 – one of Bismarck’s projects – allows the exploitation of betting games only in leisure resorts and casino hotels authorized by the Federal Executive Branch, offering Brazilians who are adept at this practice the opportunity to visit safe places intended for to this end.

The deputy’s second project, PL 5234/20, allows for the framing of hotel-casinos as providers of tourist services. Thus, there would be a modification of the General Tourism Law, including these enterprises in the form of tourist service provider.