Exclusive Co-founder of Pipa Games, André Schuartz, talks about expectations for the year 2022

During the Brazilian iGaming Summit 2021, iGaming Brazil had the pleasure of interviewing André Schuartz, founder and CEO of Pipa Games, the first company in the country to create broadcast studios with Live Dealers.

André Schuartz is a serial entrepreneur who created pioneering and disruptive initiatives in the Brazilian gaming market. In 2008 he created Cassinera, a nationally recognized company that takes casino games to entertain guests at events, delivering more than 300 events a year.

In 2011, André founded Dealer Pro, the first and only school for training dealers in the country recognized and certified by CBTH (Brazilian Poker Confederation) and ADTP (Association of Poker Tournament Directors).

In an interview, André explained about the operation of Pipa Games, his newest betting business, and explained the importance of the existence of events such as BiS in Brazil, emphasizing the joy of winning the “Innovation and Highlight” award at Brazilian iGaming Awards.

André also talks about the great return of Cassinera’s activities in the year 2021, indicating great optimism regarding the year 2022.

Check out André Schuartz’s full interview below