SECAP Secretary Presents Details of Sports Betting Draft

The draft of the regulatory process for the sports betting sector is undergoing a detailed discussion stage within the Federal Government.

In an interview with Valor Econômico website, Gustavo Guimarães, secretary of SECAP, the Secretariat of Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Ministry of Economy, declared that the text presents three options to limit, in its initial phase, the sports betting market to digital (online) and identified operations, in addition to having rules for advertising campaigns by bookmakers and the respective reach of these actions.

SECAP found 400 betting sites operating in Brazil

It is important to note that the SECAP holder revealed that he found 400 online betting sites operating in the national territory. In a recent conversation with the BandNews journalism team, he pointed out that the limit for defining the regulation of this betting market is December 31, 2022. “We have a legal deadline, the law gave it until the 31st of December December 2022”, he stated.

Despite this, Guimarães acknowledged that he is striving for the process to be completed as soon as possible, since 2022 will bring large sporting events, such as the Soccer World Cup, to be held in Qatar in November and December . Remembering that the year will start with the Winter Games, in China, a competition that also tends to stand out in the betting segment.

“But I usually say that the country is in a hurry, society is in a hurry and we have been working, as far as possible, to put this deadline in place as soon as possible. But, bearing in mind that it will be a year of elections, the World Cup, the Winter Olympics, then, it is a favorable moment for this regulation to be in the market as soon as possible”, he pointed out.

This regulatory process has been in progress since December 2018, still under the administration of President Michel Temer. The industry is waiting for the end of this stage to invest heavily in the national scenario, as Brazil is seen as having the potential to become one of the largest markets on the planet.