Angelo Alberoni, from Betcris, highlights the importance of BiS for the betting market in Brazil

The betting, lottery and iGaming markets will be central themes of the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) – The iGaming Intelligence Made in Brazil – the only face-to-face event in the sector to take place in the country this year. Coming to meet the demand of the industry itself to get together, the convention will receive national and international brands on December 1st and 2nd.

The place chosen to be the stage for the first edition was Espaço Boulevard JK, Edifício International Plaza, in São Paulo. Faced with a possible scenario of regulation, release of all modalities and an interesting structure for the entry of major players, the conference intends to contemplate commercial and advertising issues.

BiS will also reserve space for the federal government to offer important updates regarding the future of this industry in Brazil. Remembering that all information about the schedule of panels and lectures is available on the event’s official website:

“Brazil has always been the scene of important events on igaming in recent years, especially with the proximity of the regulation of sports betting from 2018 onwards. However, with the pandemic, this trend broke down. BiS is here to keep Brazil in the focus, at a global level, within events on the sports betting industry”, said Angelo Alberoni, Country Manager of Betcris in Brazil.

Alberoni also reported the expectations to return to a face-to-face event in Brazil: “The expectation could not be better. We are very close to regulation, brands are consistently investing in marketing for Brazil and, most importantly, the Brazilian public is starting to get used to an extremely dynamic and fun product. For these and many other reasons, I hope to meet people of great relevance at BiS, not only from Brazil, but also from Europe and Latin America”.

Progress of the regulatory process for betting in the country

For Angelo Alberoni, the country has never been so close to a regulation and hopes that everything is completed by the next World Cup.

“I’ve been in this market since 2010 and I believe we’ve never been so close to regulating our market. SECAP, together with BNDES and the Ministry of Economy are working so that we have a regulated market by the end of 2022, which is important, as we will have the World Cup in December and, in 2023, a new edition of the World Cup America,” he said.

Betcris Country Manager also pointed out that BiS can provide good contributions to Brazilian authorities. “Whenever there is a face-to-face event on the scale of BiS, people meet and discuss ideas, in addition to being able to hear from the main experts and authorities on the market”.

“With the exchange of information, our regulatory process can make use of these conclusions, improving our regulation, with the objective of having the most modern standards for a sector that has unique characteristics and cannot be treated as just another entertainment sector ,” he added.

Angelo Alberoni’s performance at Betcris

Recently, Angelo Alberoni was announced as the new hire of Betcris betting and gaming company. He detailed his new role, focused on the domestic market: “I arrive to manage our operation for the Brazilian market, as Country Manager. My main function is to design our strategy for the country, identifying the best opportunities for Betcris, in accordance with the brand’s DNA and which is recognized worldwide for its strength and trust on the part of our customers”.

And, he added: “In addition to the strategic part, the operational part will also be under the responsibility of our office in Brazil. We will have a dedicated team made up of Brazilians, highly qualified to bring the customer the best possible sports betting experience”.

In addition, the new Country Manager shared Betcris’ plans for Brazil starting next year: “To be one of the market leaders. Betcris is the leader in all markets it operates when it comes to sports betting and in Brazil it will be no different. We have bold plans for Brazil and 2022 will be a key year for the brand, as our goal is to be one of the largest post-regulation online entertainment platforms”.

“And, for that, we will spare no effort so that the Brazilian client has all our knowledge, trust and fun at their disposal. Betcris creates entertainment opportunities for everyone, in a universal, safe and fun way”, he concluded.