Official schedule of the first edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit announced

The organizers of the first Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) – The iGaming Intelligence Made in Brazil – closes the program of the only face-to-face event held in the country in 2021 aimed at the betting market.

With the full agenda, the conference will provide updated and extremely important content, both for national and international brands.

The purpose of the first edition of BiS is to combine the participation of influential people in the political and corporate segments with a new market, dealing with subjects never discussed in betting events.

In addition, the event will open space to debate the relevance of the role of ambassadors for players entering the national scene, as well as explore issues such as digital security, affiliate market, regulatory processes, new forms of payment, responsible gaming and much more .

The venue chosen to host the meeting on December 1 and 2, 2021 was Espaço Boulevard JK, International Plaza Building, located in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, an upscale area of ​​the city of São Paulo.

These and other information such as the event’s agenda, confirmed speakers, participating companies and much more can be found on BiS’s official website:

Official schedule of the Brazilian iGaming Summit

December 1st, Wednesday (Brasilia time)

08:30 am – Reception and registration (30 minutes)

09:00 am – Opening of the event

09:10 am- Opening: the Positive Impact of the Gaming Sector on the Brazilian Economy

09:40 am – Ambassadors: Roles and Responsibilities

10:00 am – Lecture: Brazilian intelligence to succeed in business

10:30 am – Lecture: The impact of casinos on resorts in the world and the perspective for Brazil

11:00 am – Coffee Break

11:30 am – Regulation of Lotteries in Brazil: Expectations and Perspectives

12:15 – Corporate Vision of Sports Betting and Lotteries in Brazil

01:00pm – Lunch

02:30 pm – The importance of game variety in the Brazilian market

02:45 pm – Panel: What the Law allows and is not used

03:30 pm – Panel: Other game modalities and the Brazilian scenario

04:15 pm – Coffee Break

04:45 pm – Panel: Differentials of successful operators in Brazil

05:45 pm- Lecture: Responsible Gaming and its obligations

06:25 pm – Closing

06:30 pm – End of the event

06:30 pm – Cocktail

December 2nd, Thursday (Brasilia time)

09:00 am – Reception

09:15 am – Panel – Regulation: The positive aspects of Regulation (Contracting, Economy, Tourism, etc.)

10:15 am – Panel: Cyber ​​Security – Game Security

11:00 am – Coffee Break

11:30 am – Panel: Payments in Brazil / Legality and Compliance

11:30 am – Panel: Payments in Brazil / Legality and Compliance

01:15 pm – Lunch

02:45 pm – Panel: Affiliate Models in a Successful Market

04:15 pm – The need for multiple providers for the success of the operation

04:30 pm – Coffee Break

05:00 pm – Panel: Sports Betting Operators

06:30 pm – Closing

06:35 pm – End of the event