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Vinicius Jr., player for Real Madrid and the Brazilian National Team, surprised the eSports scene by becoming a partner and ambassador of LOUD.

The company is one of the largest organizations in Latin America, known for its more than 50 million followers on social media.

LOUD, founded in 2019 by Bruno “PH” Bittencourt, Jean Ortega and Matthew Ho, has a diversified operations.

Currently, the group covers sports such as Valorant, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Free Fire.

Vini Jr.’s entry into the organization’s corporate membership marks an unprecedented move, highlighting the growing influence of gamer culture.

Vini Jr. and LOUD: plans and projects

In addition to his participation as a partner, Vini Jr. will be involved in LOUD content and experiences, promoting initiatives aimed at education and collaborating with the Vini Jr Institute.

Bruno “PH” highlights that the partnership aims to expand the organization’s growth, producing original content and supporting the education of young people, aiming to impact communities throughout Brazil.

“Vini Jr. is an example of how gamer culture can grow beyond the screen, mixing with the world of fashion, sports and social causes”, says Bruno “PH”, indicating the broad vision that LOUD seeks to inspire next generation.

As a gaming enthusiast, Vini recognizes the transformative potential of this medium and joins LOUD to contribute in a meaningful way.

LOUD, in addition to its achievements in eSports competitions, stands out in content production, as well as licensing and development of intellectual properties.

With more than 100 employees and headquarters in São Paulo, the United States and China, the organization is a standout on the global stage.

This partnership not only reinforces its position in the eSports scene, but also highlights the role of athletes in expanding gaming culture.