After nine months, casinos in Peru are allowed to reopen

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After nine months, casinos in Peru are allowed to reopen
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After nine months of halting activities, the government has cleared the resumption of casinos in Peru. Recently, President Francisco Sagasti said that the Executive already had a decree ready to authorize the return of operations.

Violeta Bermúdez, president of the Council of Ministers, revealed that on December 3, the country’s authorities agreed on all measures related to Phase 4 of the economic reactivation. Therefore, the reopening of casinos in Peru is part of the new rules.

“Progressively, some businesses are expanding, like companies that in a long time had the expectation to start operating, like casinos and theaters,” said Bermúdez.

As the president had promised, the authorities sought to leverage businesses that were forced to suspend their operations due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Recalling that a period of this year, Peru became the fifth country with the most positive cases of the disease on the planet.

Stage 4 of the economic reopening was initially scheduled for the month of August. However, the government had to suspend actions for September and, later, October. But despite the reduction in cases, casinos in Peru have not received legal authorization to reopen their doors.

Government stopped raising more than US $ 42 million by closing casinos in Peru

The forecast is that the first seven months of the pandemic generated a loss of 42 million dollars in revenue to the Peruvian government with the suspension of the operation of the casinos, in addition to the loss of other segments of the economy.

As a result, the Council of Ministers evaluated the resumption of numerous businesses and the expansion of others that are already functioning.

“We have expanded the capacity of restaurants, always taking health into account and also the economic reopening. This is a commitment that we present today in government policy, ”said Bermúdez.

According to the president of the Association of Tourism and Entertainment Centers of Peru, Carlos Rojas, more than 40 thousand employees will be able to return to their jobs promptly.

“In general terms, the sector generates 87 thousand formal direct jobs. We assume that with the resumption more than 40% of the employees will reintegrate and, gradually, the rest ”, he said.