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Coljuegos, the online gambling regulatory authority in Colombia, reached an impressive milestone in 2023.

It recorded a 27.5% increase in revenue allocated to the Health area, totaling approximately R$97,497 million.

Casinos and bingos were the main contributors to this growth. This advancement highlights the vital role of the online gaming industry in supporting Colombian healthcare services.

Positive impact on the Health sector post-fundraising with bets

Coljuegos’ significant collection not only demonstrates a significant increase in resources, but also a considerable impact on transfers to health.

With an increase of 24.3%, transfers reached approximately R$319.123 million. This underlines the relevance of the gaming and betting sector in supporting public health.

The funds raised benefited several entities, including municipal and departmental health funds, Adres, Fonpet and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Games such as lotteries, chance and Raspa y Listo also played an important role, contributing R$41.282 million in exploration rights.

Social and economic contribution of Coljuegos

In addition to the numbers, it is important to highlight the social impact of these contributions. Coljuegos reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and economic growth in Colombia.

Every resource obtained by the gaming industry directly contributes to healthcare financing. Robust transfers strengthen the country’s health system, improving infrastructure and the population’s quality of life.

Contrast with the situation in Brazil

While Colombia celebrates its successes in healthcare fundraising, Brazil is still waiting for the regulation of sports betting.

The regulation of sports betting is crucial in Brazil, not only for fundraising, but also to ensure transparency and control in the market.

Brazil can be inspired by the successful practices of international regulators, such as Coljuegos. Colombia’s experience with sports betting regulation offers valuable lessons.

It shows how the industry can support vital sectors such as healthcare. Brazil, by observing the Colombian example, can move forward in regulating the betting sector.

The Federal Senate is expected to vote on the sports betting regulation project this Wednesday, 8th.