Digitain lança recurso de bate-papo entre jogadores

Digitain, a leading sports betting and casino platform provider, has launched a new SportChat chat for social betting.

This feature, called SportChat, is designed to increase engagement and allow players to communicate with each other.

Furthermore, they can do this in real time during live sporting events.

Zohrab Karapetyan, Head of Sports Betting Products at Digitain, commented: “Today’s digital native sports bettor grew up with social media, social platforms and instant messaging.”

He added: “They look forward to sharing experiences, knowledge, passion and the near misses that come with watching and betting on live sports.”

Furthermore, he said: “Our player interaction tool allows our partner operators to provide their players with a sense of community and engagement on their website.

So rather than the ‘conversation’ happening on external social media platforms and potential marketing exposure from competing betting brands, it is internal,” he added.

Digitain wants to increase player engagement

With this launch, Digitain guarantees to increase player engagement and facilitate real-time interaction between the operator’s brand and the player.

At the same time, this increases player satisfaction levels by extending session times. As well as return visits and more player preference data for marketing and planning insights.

Therefore, as a result of the additional social contact, SportChat is anticipated to provide a significant boost in betting activity.

Preliminary data from partners suggests a notable 20% increase in bets placed by players who actively participate in SportChat discussions.

Digitain uses the latest technology and the incorporation of our player interaction tool into platform-level sports betting actions.

This ensures that our partners can offer something different to their players, concluded Karapetyan.

About Digitain

Digitain is a leading sports betting and casino platform provider offering best-in-class turnkey and API solutions to over 150 partners.

It employs the games industry’s brightest business minds with the aim of providing unparalleled service to its customers and partners.

The multi-channel gaming platform allows operators to connect sports betting, casino, live dealer and virtual sports modules.

It includes an integrated payment gateway, bonus engine, CRM system, SportChat and dedicated customer support.