Casas de apostas dominam espaços de exposição do Brasileirão 2023
Casas de apostas dominam espaços de exposição do Brasileirão 2023.

A survey conducted by iSportistics, using artificial intelligence, reveals the level of success of sports betting sites in relation to 12 matches of the 2023 Campeonato Brasileiro.

The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the presence of bookmakers throughout the tournament.

Among the sites that stood out in terms of exposure, Betano, Pixbet and Betfair stand out.

An interesting aspect highlighted by the study is that 90% of the goals were scored in situations where brands overlapped, that is, where two or more brands from the same sector “shared the stage”.

Brazilian betting markets is one of the largest in the world.

iSportistics employs artificial intelligence to perform a thorough analysis of branding and marketing strategies on television programming and digital video content

Through this proprietary technology, the company is able to automatically identify advertising insertions during sporting events, providing sponsors with detailed information on the performance of their exposures during transmissions.

In the context of the study that investigated the presence of bookmakers in advertising during the Brazilian Championship, the report revealed the leaders in terms of brand exposure in the tournament.

The companies analyzed in the survey were:

18 sports betting companies present in the seven stadiums mentioned in the 12 mentioned games were taken into account.

In total, there were 4,441 unique appearances, in a total of 11h46m of detected marks.

Betano is one of the bookmakers with the longest brand exposure

The Betano brand has a total time of 3 hours and 11 minutes of exposure during the analyzed transmissions.

The analysis allows us to understand the impact of the brand, of the presence in front of the spectators and also allows us to consider whether the investments are consistent with the return on visibility.

You can access the complete study by clicking on this link.