Research indicates that 14.5% of Brazilians have already made online bets
Research indicates that 14.5% of Brazilians have already made online bets

The regulation of sports betting is currently being debated by various sectors of Brazilian society. And, the practice of online betting is increasingly popular among the population, driven by agreements between companies in the segment with the main Brazilian football clubs, influencers, entertainment programs and dozens of actions on social networks.

Therefore, Instituto Paraná Pesquisas – a company specialized in public opinion – recently carried out a national survey. Of the 2010 people included in the survey, 85.5% reported that they had never gambled online, while 14.5% had.

Brazilians between 45 and 59 years old are the ones who place the most bets online

The age group that most places bets is 45 to 59 years old, 88.2%, followed by 35 to 44 years old, 85.8%, and 25 to 34 years old, which represented 79.8%. The survey reveals that 92.9% of women have never made online bets against 77.4% of men. In contrast, 7.1% of women and 22.6% of men have already bet.

The survey also asked whether respondents think there is some form of match-fixing taking place at sporting events. Thus, 63.9% answered that yes, there is some kind of manipulation and 36.1% do not believe in the possibility.

In addition, the majority of the Brazilian population is in favor of taxation of online betting, 55.2% of respondents are in favor, while 27.9% are against and 16.9% do not know or prefer not to give an opinion. As for the level of education of respondents, 77.1% have completed high school and 22.9% higher education.

About the search

The data collection process was carried out through personal interviews, with Brazilians aged 16 or over, in 26 states and the Federal District and in 154 municipalities between March 15th and 18th of this year, being audited simultaneously with the least 20% of the interviews. The survey achieves a 95% confidence level for an estimated margin of error of 2.2 percentage points for the overall results.