Rivaldo analyzes Brazil's classification and defends Rodrygo as an option to replace Neymar

After two games in Qatar with victories over Serbia and Switzerland, the Brazilian team has secured qualification for the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup and is preparing for the most challenging phase for the much-desired sixth championship. For Rivaldo, Betfair ambassador, Switzerland made Brazil’s job difficult, but the strength of coach Tite’s team made the difference, guaranteeing the classification.

“Switzerland have a good team and knew that a draw could be very important for their classification. Brazil faced a well-placed team defensively that was looking for a draw more than a victory. It was necessary to be patient once more until he found the way to the goal, this time by Casemiro, who again showed that he is in great shape and is a midfielder of great quality, not only for his defensive security, but also for making the difference when it arrives in front”, analyzed Rivaldo, ambassador of Betfair.

Rivaldo also praised the defensive quality of the Brazilian team. “A striking statistic after the first two games is that Brazil have yet to receive a shot on goal, and this demonstrates the defensive solidity of a very experienced team, with players like Casemiro, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos who make the difference in this sector of the pitch. . But it also indicates a great respect from Serbia and Switzerland who preferred to protect themselves from Brazil instead of trying to attack our team.”

Rodrygo pode ser a opção para substituir Neymar

Rivaldo believes that Rodrygo could be the best replacement for Neymar during his absence from the World Cup. For the star, the Real Madrid player stood out when he entered the second half in the victory over Switzerland for his versatility on the field.

“The ideal thing would be to always have Neymar on the field because he attracts opponents a lot and ends up freeing up space for other players. However, as long as he remains injured and unable to play, I believe that Rodrygo can be an interesting option to replace him, as he is very fast and versatile, bringing solidity to the team”, he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo did well to leave Manchester United

At the age of 37, with five Golden Balls, five Champions League titles, one Euro Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo had his contract with Manchester United terminated in the midst of the World Cup.

“We all know the beautiful story that Cristiano Ronaldo built at Manchester United, however, this season everything changed with the arrival of a coach who did not count on him. The Portuguese striker has always been an absolute starter during his career and that left him in an ungrateful position and I believe that this separation was the best for both parties”, said Rivaldo.

For the Betfair ambassador, his performance in the World Cup for the Portuguese team will not be impaired due to the termination of his contract. “Cristiano can still play at the highest level and he showed that even in his first World Cup game by scoring goals and helping Portugal win the competition. In addition, he broke yet another record by scoring goals in his fifth World Cup, reaching an impressive and historic milestone.”

Regarding the victory that guaranteed Portugal’s qualification to the round of 16 of the Cup, Rivaldo sees the Portuguese team as having a lot of quality. “It is true that the Uruguayans lost some chances to score, however, Portugal was superior during the game and deserved to win and qualify. The Portuguese team seems to be well suited for this Cup and, with the quality of its players, it could end up having a good tournament and who knows how to get farther ahead in the competition”, he concluded.

Glenn Hoddle believes Richarlison could be Brazil’s main player in the World Cup

One of the greatest creative midfielders in England and also a former England coach, Glenn Hoddle also spoke in an interview with Betfair about the Brazilian team in the World Cup. For the English idol, Richarlison should make the difference for Brazil.

“What I see in Richarlison over the years at Everton and now at Tottenham is his struggle to be consistent on the pitch. And he has been demonstrating this for the Brazilian national team, leaving me very interested to see how he does and how consistent he can be in this World Cup for Brazil”, said Glenn.

The Englishman also commented on Richarlison’s debut when he scored two goals in his first World Cup match. “His style of play is excellent. The first goal in the Cup, anyone can score, but the second, the way he scored, was a fabulous goal, it set the whole stadium on fire”, concludes Glenn Hoddle.

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