Brazil is (even more) favorite in bookmakers to lift the World Cup cup
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

The World Cup is in the third round of the group stage and the odds for the candidates for the title have changed at bookmakers in relation to the start of the World Cup. But not so much.

In the main average of the platforms, Esportes da Sorte and Pixbet, Brazil became even more favorite. If before the start of the Cup the odds were an average of 5.50 reais, now they have decreased to 3.50 reais. This means that the fan can put R$ 1 in the victory of the Brazilian team and take 3.50 reais if the title is confirmed.

Before the World Cup, for example, England came in second, paying 6.50 reais for every 1 real spent. Now, he is fourth, paying 9.40 reais. While France, which was third with an odd of 7 reais, moved to second, with an odd of 6.60 reais.

Spain, which was only in fifth place before the Cup, paying 9 reais for every 1 real, is now third, with an odd of 7.60 reais. Argentina, which was in fourth place, with an odd of 8 reais, now appears in fifth place, with 10 reais.

Remembering that the quotation of each team changes round after round, being subject to fluctuations at any time as the competition progresses. According to Odds & Scouts, one of the leading data generation companies for sports betting platforms and integrity, the calculation of the values ​​of each bet (called “odds”) are complex and detailed.

Pre-World Cup quote

1 – Brazil (BRL 5.50 for every BRL 1 spent)

2 – England (BRL 6.50)

3 – France (BRL 7.00)

4 – Argentina (BRL 8.00)

5 – Spain (BRL 9.00)

Current quotation

1 – Brazil (BRL 3.50 for every BRL 1 spent)

2 – France (BRL 6.60)

3 – Spain (BRL 7.60)

4 – England (BRL 9.40)

5 – Argentina (10.00)

Bookmakers innovate to attract more fans

Platforms have also innovated to captivate even more fans. has been running some promotions on match days in Brazil. In the last one, it promoted a free bet: with each goal scored by Brazil in the game, the bettor accumulated 5 reais in a bonus bet, being credited the very next day.

In Esportes da Sorte, the company has carried out some actions, in specific situations, such as ‘Turbinada da Sorte’, which is a fixed promotion that increases the quotation by up to 20% for the multiple of four games with odds above 1.70 reais per game, plus free tips for some Cup games.

And, Pixbet, in an unprecedented partnership with the ‘We Are Technology’ Group, announced the creation of two Fantasy League F2P games for PixJogo: ‘Bolão do Milhão’ and ‘Previsções da Copa’. Each provides several unique interaction options throughout the course of Worlds.

In addition to the chance to earn up to 1 million reais, players will also compete for iPhone 14 model smartphones and a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, the city that will host the next UEFA Champions League decision.